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Kuwait Driver’s License


“oh, I can’t,” I was telling my friend, “I have to go get my driver’s license today.”

“I had a funny thing happen,” she responded. “When I went, I didn’t understand the guy too well and he said something like ‘how long do you want it for?’ and I said ‘three years’ and I got one for three years!”

“You’re kidding!” I said. “I’ve been having to go every year!”

It doesn’t make sense, but you just never know in Kuwait. Every year for two years now I have had to go get my eyes tested and get a new license. But you never know, maybe her company has some other agreement, and she gets a three year license. Some things you just can’t worry too much about or it will drive you crazy.

So I went and took the 30 second eye test and later that same day my husband brought home my new driver’s license – good for TEN years.

If I had known I was going to get a ten year driver’s license, I sure would have made sure they used a better photo than the one my sponsor provided them. AAAARRRRGGGHHH.

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Calendar Cat?

I’ve been talking to the Qatteri Cat, asking him if he would like to be a calendar cat for the Animal Welfare League. So far, not much response . . . he’s too busy sleeping.

Maybe your cats or dogs will be more cooperative. You have until May 31 to submit your photo! It’s a worthy cause.


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