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Price Moans

This is for my stateside and European friends who have no idea what we are paying for food. Remember those Nestle chocolate chip rolls you can buy and keep in your fridge for those emergency times when your kids come home and remind you that they have to bring cookies to school the next day? Remember when they were expensive – like three dollars or something for a little roll, but you bought them anyway because they are such a Godsend when you are desperate?

I reached for them as I was shopping the other day, and then stopped myself:

Look at the price. That is not dollars. To get dollars, you multiply by about four. (The dollar is sinking in Kuwait, too.) TWELVE dollars for a roll of instant cookies. I can’t do it. I can’t make myself pay that. There are some things I will buy and never even look at the price, but instant chocolate chip cookies? I can’t do it.

I sent my Qatar friends a couple rolls of freezer paper, plentiful in the stores in Kuwait, but non-existent in Qatar. I’ve asked my husband to look for Parchment paper / baking paper, because it used to exist in Kuwait – and it is nowhere to be found. (You bake meringue cookies on it, or you use a paper bag – when was the last time you saw a paper bag in Kuwait?)

I am not complaining. I can find most things I need and even things I don’t need. Some of the shortages, when they hit, are just a hoot!

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A Stroke of Luck

I have the most amazing friend. She thinks WAY outside the box. You would never know it to look at her, she looks just like you and me, but when she hands you a book, it turns out to be a book you will never forget. She forwarded me this yesterday, and I happened to get it at a time when I could take 20 minutes of my life to watch it.

This video from TED talks features brain scientist Jill Bolte Taylor, who describes having her own stroke, and observing herself, as a scientist, from the inside, as she experiences the stroke. It changed how I see things, in fact, it turned how I see strokes upside-down.

I hope you will take a few minutes to watch:

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Hold Your Calls, Save Your Life

Actually – not a bad slogan. Pithy, personal, memorable.


Found this in yesterday’s Kuwait Times. Was it also in the Arabic language newspapers? Doesn’t say anything about the fine . . . . the newspaper announcement leads us to believe they are serious. The fine of 5KD (about $20) remains laughable. Nonetheless – if you use a mobile phone while driving, you will become a CRIMINAL after May 1! 😉

No one is going to hate this law more than AdventureMan. Sometimes he calls me when he is driving just to see if I will hang up on him. He tries to talk me into talking with him. I have always said I don’t want to hear his last words being “Oh ____!”

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