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Wow! Wow! Wow!

The last night was sold out! When the Ahmadi Singers and Orchestra staged Pirates of Penzance in the Mishref Theatre, Kuwait had a real treat.

The Singers, the Orchestra – and the audience – were all multinational. The Mishref Theatre is a delightful space, warm, comfortable, intimate. There were many many children in the audience, and all were particularly well behaved. Only one cell phone went off (twice) and it was immediately silenced; the owner did not chat on his phone while the performance went on. Wooo Hoooo, Kuwait!

Neither did the audience sit on its hands! Each song was warmly applauded, and the old favorites, like the Modern Major General, brought the house down.

What I liked the very best about this performance of Pirates of Penzance was that the singers seemed to be having a lot of fun. The staging was clever and well-done, lots of stage play, lots of interaction, lots for people to see. Lots of fun for the kids, too. The actors sang the complicated song slowly but snappily, and we could understand the lyrics, those hysterically funny Gilbert and Sullivan lyrics. The costumes were a lot of fun – do you see the parrot on one pirate’s shoulder?

Brava! Bravo! The Ahmadi Singers and Orchestra have caught fire! Who knows what they will stage next?

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Second Day Sandstorm

Here is what the sun looks like early this morning; you can’t even see the sea, even though you are looking right at it:

Here is what the city looks like early this morning; visibility maybe 100 m?

And after only one day and a half, here is what my cleaning lady faces today:

(That’s my footprint in the dust, if you were wondering) In just one day, in a seemingly air-tight living space, dust coats everything. I am leaving footprints as if in a house abandoned for a year or so!

I actually don’t mind driving in the dust storms, as long as there is some visibility. When it comes in so thick you can’t see 10 meters in front of the car, I have to pull over. Even with the car sealed, and the A/C on, filtering the air, my nose gets stuffy and I feel like I am having trouble breathing. Maybe today is a good day to stay home. 😦

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