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Rolls Royce and Lamborghini Dumped

From today’s Arab Times:

Rolls Royce and a Lamborghini dumped in a desert
Kuwait : Police found two luxurious cars — a Rolls Royce and a Lamborghini — worth KD 200,000 dumped in a desert area, reports Al-Anba daily. Reportedly, the cars were stolen from a rental office about 20 days ago. Personnel from the Criminal Evidences Department lifted fingerprints to identify the culprits.

Does anyone else find this funny? I mean funny, hahahaha, not funny strange, or weird. I mean it IS weird, it is so weird, but it makes me laugh.

In a little village in Washington State, there was a huge snowstorm a few years ago, and the roofs in the yacht club collapsed from the weight of the snow, collapsed on all those big fine yachts, and the citizens of the little village gathered and laughed. Boat moorage in their own little village had gotten so expensive, they couldn’t afford it, so these were all other people’s boats. And they just laughed.

200,000 KD worth of car in two cars. Just dumped in the desert. Seems kinda wasteful, doesn’t it?

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Stalking Purgatory

The blogger Purgatory has recently expressed anxiety about being stalked. (Actually, he sounded very pleased about it.) He had evidence; a note accompanying a cookie (someone knows the way to his heart!).

Purg, trust those feelings. Be very wary. Your stalkers are everywhere:

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Here Comes the Sun

What’s that pale, tiny little orb hanging over the horizon? The dust is back, it never really went away:

at 0500 this morning, it was already 75°F / 24°C, with “haze”.

And to lighten the day a little, an oldie but goodie of the same name:

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