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Shiite Mosques?

On the same road as the earlier photo taken in Mubarak Al Kebir, just along the road (I think it is 250) was this mosque. It has writing on it, around the top, but the dome is not green. It has lights at night. Is this a Shiite mosque?

This mosque in Fehaheel doesn’t have writing, so I think it is a Sunni mosque, but it is so PINK and so pretty – and mostly the more delicate mosques are Shiite. Is this one Sunni or Shiia?

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Road Work Needed

I had a meeting in Mubarak Al Kebir yesterday, and when I got to the streetlight to turn on exit 209, this is what the road in the lanes next to me looked like:

Four huge slabs of concrete – maybe they used to meet. One big depression, with rebar showing . . . most of the cars seem to know it is there, slow down to go over the bumps. I can only imagine what happens to the youngster who hits it going mach 6.

Think we need a little attention to detail here.

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By Popular Demand

. . . your sunrise this morning at 0545. It looks like it will be a gloriously spectacular day, hot, but not killer hot, maybe in the low 100’s (F) (around 38 C). Not a cloud in the sky. Even the haze on the horizon is light, not that icky dark band you sometimes see. The Gulf is flat and glassy, not the tiniest wave. Freighters are tootling by, bringing all good things to Kuwait.

Tonight is date night, and the beginning of the weekend in Kuwait. I wish you all the happiest of weekends.

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