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The Cat and the Table

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When I saw this today, on ICHC, I just had to laugh.

Our son has a cat. Our son has a sprayer. The cat gets on the table, where he knows he is not supposed to be. Our son yells “Gordon! Get off the table!” and Gordon settles down. Our son jumps up and gets the sprayer, and Gordon watches. Our son sprays. And sprays. And sprays. If you get right up close to Gordon and spray under his tail, he will get up slowly, annoyed, and saunter off the table. He takes his time. He wants you to know you are annoying, but you don’t scare him. He wants you to know that you are NOT the boss of him.

Normally, Gordon is just the nicest cat you could ever hope to meet. He just has a thing about the dining room table.

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Touching up Your Photos

Interesting article for the non-professional photographers among us about how to do some quick-and-dirty touch ups to eliminate common causes of less than ideal photos: shiny face, distracting background, and red eye. You can read the entire article at Wired: Touch up your pics

If only your girlfriend didn’t look sweaty and possessed — and the background didn’t resemble the mothership’s control room — this snapshot would be frame-worthy. With Adobe’s consumer-grade image editor Photoshop Elements ($100 for PC, $90 for Mac), you can remedy these common photo spoilers in seconds.
If you’re on a Mac, you can also try using the lightweight photo-editing app Pixelmator ($60). And those of you on Linux can give the free and open-source GIMP a shot. The controls and keyboard shortcuts won’t be exactly the same as the techniques described below, but they’ll be close enough that you should be able to figure out the correct combinations.

So far, I’m kind of low-tech. The MacBook Pro comes with iPhoto, and it takes care of just about everything I need. I crop, every now and then I adjust contrast or give it a little more or less lighting. Once I even straightened a photo that was tilted – wow, that makes me feel so powerful!.

AdventureMan has PhotoShop Elements, which he has explored, but I think maybe he was a little overwhelmed by all the processes. We both like taking photos, but we aren’t going to spend a lot of time trying to make a bad shot into a great shot. We try to do that when we are taking the photo. It’s all fun for us, when we start taking it too seriously, it stops being fun.

I like articles like this, though, that take something step by step and make it easy.

Do you PhotoShop? What’s your favorite tool?

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