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Raising Blog Interest

I like WordPress – even if things go wrong from time to time, it is because they are trying something new. They work out the bugs, they move forward.

In an announcement today, called Possibly an Announcement they talk about putting some references at the bottom of each post which, if you liked this post, will take you to other blogs with posts on similar subjects.

I don’t know how this will work, but I like it that they are coming up with new ways to increase blog traffic, and to allow readers to follow a theme. You can read the entire announcement by clicking on the blue type, above.

Blog posts can be a total tease. You get to the end and you’re ready for more, but all that’s there is maybe some post navigation, and if you’re lucky a few comments. If your appetite was whetted by the awesome post you just read there’s no place for you to go, except maybe to a search engine to look for terms around what you just read.

Post or permalink pages probably account for about half of the pageviews on your blog.

One of my favorite things about Youtube is that you can start with a single video and then see something else interesting in the related videos and you lose yourself and next thing you know it’s four in the morning and you’re watching disco pilates videos. My fancy term for this is lateral navigation. (Which the rest of the world seems to think has something to do with flying.)

Well now you can have that same experience across

In a feature we’re calling possibly related posts we’ll now try to show posts related to yours a little section at the end. If we find any posts on your blog that are related, we’ll put those at the very top and in bold. Next we’ll show other posts from around, and finally we’ll check if there’s anything in the mainstream media.

The result is a handful of links that should provide you and your visitors something interesting to check out. On blogs that cover the same topics frequently related posts could cause a 5-10% increase in traffic overnight. You could also start to see traffic from lots of other blogs. It’s a bit of an experiment, and we’ll be tweaking it a lot based on your feedback and the data that we collect once everything is live.

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Safari / WordPress Upload Image Hint

After several mornings of agony trying to upload my sunrise photo, only to be successful later in the day, I went to the FAQ section, where one little line gave me a clue for something else to try. It’s something about when you sign on, you might get one link or you might get another.

When uploading an image, if I see that they are using “Flash” I know it is going to work. If it says it is using “browser,” it is never going to work.

As cumbersome as it may be, what works for me is to sign out, and sign in again, hoping this next link will enable the “Flash” upload.

Bonus morning photo, just because I can:

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Just Yesterday . . .

Just yesterday, I remember sitting at my computer, looking out over the Gulf and blah blah’ing to you about having the luxury of a whole year luxuriously stretched out before me, a year to accomplish all kinds of wonderful things.

This morning, I thought with a start “a THIRD of the year is gone!” I have dallied and dawdled and let a third of this wonderful year just slip through my fingers! I feel I am out of control, careening dangerously through the year, not thoughtfully and with dignity.

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Seven Things Tag

Seven things I plan to do:

1. Get more exercise
2. See Canada and the US
3. Be a good aunt
4. Take care of my husband
5. Eat more locally
6. Go back to Alaska for a visit
7. Love God, love my neighbor as myself (I think that is supposed to be #1)

Seven things I can do:

1. Write
2. Spin stories for media
3. Make intuitive connections
4. Calm a terrified child or friend
5. Keep friends for years 🙂
6. Tip generously
7. Speak in public

Seven things I can’t do:

1. Ride a bicycle
2. Run on pavement (knees)
3. Have more than three “things” in one day
4. Lie and get away with it
5. Pass a hungry cat without feeding it if I can
6. Listen to gossip
7. Get by without sleep

Seven things I say the most:

1. Good Morning!
2. Thanks be to God
3. Is this a good time?
4. Aaaarrrgghhh!
5. Who is this?
6. Ayb!
7. 3asel!

I tag Mirror Polisher, who used to be Magical Droplets,, q80Saracen, and Yousef at Some Contrast.

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