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Kuwait Book Store

After all the months my reading and blogging friends have been recommending the Kuwait Book Store, I finally got there.

I thought I was in heaven.

Another friend, with us, said she is planning a date night with her husband at the Kuwait Book Store – you can spend hours there, and you can top off the evening with an ice cream cone right outside the door.

This is the only place in Kuwait I have seen Jehan Rejab’s book about the Invasion of Kuwait. I found several other books by her, and by her husband. I found four books on Kuwait by Claudia Al-Rashoud, another of my favorite authors and Kuwait photographers. They have a great selection of books on Kuwait – the best I have seen. They have another couple books which feature or include the unique architectural elements in Kuwait, but not The History of Architecture in Old Kuwait City, the book I reviewed earlier. Some of these other books may be even better! 🙂

There were all kinds of books. Acres of books. Books, and a good selection of greeting cards, and pens, and children’s books. The Kuwait Book Store is huge.

The Kuwait Book Store is just inside the main entrance to the Al Muthanna Mall and Residence, across from the JW Marriott in downtown Kuwait. You go down the escalator, and you are there. I like this mall; it has upper end quality kind of goods; some really good shoe stores, many other great resources. I’m not a big fan of malls, but this mall is a very useful mall.

I only regret it took me so long to get there! What a find! I think a date night at the Kuwait Book Store will be in my future, too. I didn’t get to hit all the shops, just had a brief glance. Do you have any favorites or recommendations at Al Muthanna?


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Weather Forecast

This is from the Online weather site at the Kuwait airport:

Thunderstorms tomorrow. Dust on Wednesday. You’d think if we have thunderstorms, it would rain, and damp down the dust, wouldn’t it?

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Early Sunrise

The Qatteri Cat is up to no good this morning. He came into the bedroom around 5:30, meowed in my face until I woke up and petted him, then came back five minutes later and did it again.

“Did you forget to check his food last night?” AdventureMan asks groggily as I stumble out of bed to go check the Qatteri Cat’s food. . .

“I guess not,” I mumble, but although his food is mostly gone, there is still a few little nibbles in his bowl.

As I get some coffee, QC is meowing at the door. I do all the normal things, give him fresh water, check his litter box . . . everything seems right. I guess he is just restless, maybe a little lonely. The Qatteri Cat has the cat-crazies.

But since sunrise is coming earlier these days, I was up to capture a sparkling moment. The surf is smooth today, not as glassy as other days, it has a slubbed texture this morning. There is more haze. It is 77°F / 25°C and the humidity is 41%. It FEELS like it should rain, but I don’t see any big thick rain clouds.

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