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Sunset in Cupertino

This one was too good to pass up. Since I am not getting sunrise photos, I can share this sunset over Cupertino photo with you:

I can see that it is 113° F / 45°C in Kuwait. :-O

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Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

When I left my room this morning, I could smell wood burning fires, and I love that smell. It reminds me of Africa, and camping, and being out in the wild. I love for my clothing to smell like smoke from a wood burning fire, it’s like my favorite perfume.

And then I realized – this is smoke from the fire burning out-of-control in the Santa Cruz mountains, a terrible thing, people are losing their homes and businesses, thousands of residents are fleeing the area. It is a tragedy for all involved.

We are hoping the fire is brought under control soon . . .

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Armadillo Willies

i am really lucky. Even though my son and his wife really really wanted to find some good Chinese food, they indulged me, and we ate once again at Armadillo Willies. Everyone ended up back at Armadillo Willies for lunch – it’s pretty good chow.

Once again, however, when we finally got the food we all just dug in and . . . I forgot to take any photos!

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Breakfast at Google

The groom, my favorite nephew, Earthling, invited us to tour Google and have breakfast there this morning. What a thrill. We are all such geeks; being in Cupertino is just so much fun. Even Mom raved at the good breakfast available at Google, and . . . at the HEATED toilet seats in the ladies room!

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