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NOLA, Palo Alto

The rehersal dinner was at a really fun restaurant in Palo Alto, NOLA (New Orleans, Louisiana) and the good times started rolling even before we left the hotel, as wedding invitees gathered to car pool and head down the highways to the dinner. We had instructions, but we were following the car in front of us, and so had a great adventure en route. Everyone finally got there just fine, the music was loud, the crowd was hoppin’ and the food was fabulous.

Hurricanes waiting on the table to greet the guests:

The appetizer plates (I couldn’t get to it fast enough to take a photo before some had disappeared!)

We started with soups and salads, but I forgot to take photos (there is a lot of visiting going on at these events!) so here is some fabulous jambalaya:

And what’s left of delicious king salmon:

I was honored to sit with the bride’s mother, originally from Tehran, and oh! what great conversations we had. The whole purpose of the rehearsal dinner is to give the families time to get to know one another a little, to provide a network for the young marrying couple, to give support. Our weddings are GREAT affairs – now I am going to brag a little. Our young generation of marrying age has chosen such fine mates. The bride in this wedding is a pistol; she and Earthling are so well matched, so good to each other and so good at supporting one another. And I love her mother! We had a great time visiting with each other.

And then – oh my – the desserts! Beignets and bread pudding:

People were scraping the sauces right off the serving plate, not wanting to waste a single tasty bite, they were that good!

This morning, the bride, my sister the groom’s mother, my mother and a host of attendants are off to the hairdressers to get hair and nails and make up done, the whole wedding ritual. I am thankful to be a minor character today – I have packing to do, and with the new packing regulations, I am in a world of hurt. I know if I need to I can buy another suitcase, but I am hoping I will not have to do that.

Last night was a truly great evening, (Thank you, Sparkle and MarinerMan!) and as good as it was, as delicious and fun filled as it was, it was just the prelude to the big event today. 🙂



Hi there,

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Your fans at Nola


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Whole Foods Market

EnviroGal and I have just finished exploring Cupertino-into-San-Jose and when Big Diamond calls:

“We’re heading to Whole Foods for lunch, then to the playground – want to join us?”

We passed Whole Foods earlier and we know right where it is.

“We’ll meet you there!” we reply, and are there within minutes.

Oh my heavens.

Whole Foods is a whole different food experience. It takes grocery buying – and lunch – to a whole new level.

About one third of the very very large store is devoted to take-out food. There are three different large buffet stations, one for global food, one for salad bars, one for main dishes, and then there is a whole separate one for freshly prepared Japanese food. There is another separate area for custom sandwiches, and another area for desserts.

Drinks are nearby – an unimaginable variety of drinks.

I had a spinach salad with dried cranberries and toasted pecans and roquefort cheese, with a balsamic dressing, and enari sushi.

Big Diamond had an Indian Curry, and also macaroni and cheese.

EnviroGirl and SportyDiamond had Indian foods – and Mexican foods.

And so it goes. Whole Foods specializes in organically grown foods, fresh fresh foods, the best vegetables in the world. They prepare meals for thousands of high-tech workers who don’t want to spend a lot of time thinking about food, but want to enjoy eating it when they remember to eat.

You really have to see it to believe it. And no, Purg, they didn’t mind my taking photos, right out in the open:

It’s interesting to me – with all the computer people around here, I don’t see a lot of overweight people. I saw a group of grannies, they must have been near seventies, all in bright yellow biking outfits, helmuts and all, and they looked wiry and spry. I see families of all nationalities, people from all over the world, all gathered in the same coffee shops, groceries, etc. and I wonder how they all work together in peace?

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