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Antibacterial Wipes Help Spread MRSA

From BBC Health News:

Hospital wipes ‘spreading MRSA’

Some types of anti-bacterial wipes used by hospital staff to clean surfaces could be helping to spread bacteria, researchers say.

The Welsh School of Pharmacy found that MRSA survived on the wipe, and then contaminated everything it touched.

The team said staff should throw away wipes after cleaning just one surface.

You can read the entire article HERE.

In the last year of his life, my father acquired the MRSA infection in a hospital. Through the following months, and several courses of Vancomycin, they never knocked the MRSA out of his system, and I am convinced it was the major contributing cause to his death.

MRSA, and other antibacterial resistant infections, are increasing in hospitals, prisons, schools, health clubs – anywhere people come into contact with one another. One of the best things we can all do to avoid infection and spreading infection? Frequent hand washing. It isn’t infallible, but it helps.

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“You are Looking A Little Different, Madame”

On a recent visit to Doha, I dropped in to say hello to my old tailor, who works in a tiny little shop in an obscure little area and does great work – in his own good time.

After exchanging greetings and asking about family members, etc. he looked at me and said “You are looking a little different, madame.”

I can see where this is going, and I try to head him off . .

“Yes, yes” I hurriedly reply, heading toward the door, “I am a couple years older, ha ha ha, it’s so nice seeing you!”

“Yes madame,” he says beaming at me, “You are a little bit FAT!”

“Bye!” I holler over my shoulder, as I grab AdventureMan and push him out the door; I can’t get out the door fast enough. NO! I am not fat! But who has a better eye than a tailor?

AdventureMan isn’t easy to push, especially when he is weak from laughing too hard. He is very kind to me for the rest of the day, knowing my feelings are fragile, and damaged.

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