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Stealing my Stuff

I looked down at the section of my WordPress admin page where it shows people who have connected, and saw one I didn’t recognize. I clicked on it, and found a page where there are many, many of my entries, AS IF written by this blogger. There are other entries, too, from other bloggers, but no credit given to original sources.

It is so disgusting to me. It’s stealing not to give credit.

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Rape for Chatting

Also from today’s Arab Times – rape is every big as horrifying when it happens to a man. I am glad this young man had the courage to report it to the police, and to prosecute his attackers.

I wonder how they found out their sister was chatting with this man?

Brothers kidnap, rape man in revenge for ‘chatting’ with their sister

KUWAIT CITY : The Criminal Court Monday dismissed an objection latter submitted by a bedoun identified only as Ali A., requesting the court to cancel a five-year jail sentence which has been issued against him in absentia in a case filed against him and his brother for kidnapping and molesting a Kuwaiti man.

During a previous session the defense lawyer had told the court there was no evidence to prove his client had committed the crime.

He added the victim’s testimony was contradictory and requested the court to cancel the verdict of the Court of First Instance and acquit his client.

Case papers indicate the victim filed the case against two brothers accusing them of kidnapping and molesting him after learning about his relationship with their sister via the Internet.

The victim explained he chatted with the sister of two men on the Internet and they exchanged messages on their cell phones. When the girl’s brothers learnt about this relationship, one of them called him and said he wanted to meet him.

When the victim met one of them, identified only as Essa, the latter asked him to get into his car and drove off. On the way, Essa stopped the car and his brother Ali got in.

The two men took the victim to a building under construction and ordered him to take off his clothes and molested him. They threatened to kill him if he talked to anybody about the incident.

On April 2, 2005, the Court of First Instance sentenced Essa to five years in jail to be followed by deportation and Ali to five years in absentia because he was not arrested or interrogated.
The session was presided over by Judge Abdullah Al-Sane.

By Moamen Al-Masri
Special to the Arab Times

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Age Limits Differ in Illicit Relationships

I have read this news item from the Arab Times several times. I don’t understand what it means. I don’t understand the goals of the lawsuit. I don’t understand the ramifications of the court’s decision.

Court upholds law on age limit in illicit relationship

KUWAIT CITY : The Constitutional Court Tuesday dismissed a petition filed by Attorney Mohamed Menwir Al-Mutairi requesting the court to declare item number 188/1 of the Kuwaiti Criminal Law unconstitutional. During a previous session, Al-Mutairi argued it is illogical to consider a teenage boy guilty and a young woman not guilty when they have sex if the boy is 18 years old while the woman is a few days less than 21 years. Al-Mutairi pointed out the Kuwaiti society has always considered a woman more aware of sexual matters than a man even if she is younger.

“However, the Criminal Procedures Law ruled otherwise in this case and declared a young boy guilty of the crime, without considering he can be forced to do it,” said Al-Mutairi. According to item number 188/1 of the Criminal Procedures Law, a man is responsible for his acts as soon as he reaches 18 years old while a woman is responsible only when she is 21. “This item is illogical as it contradicts our traditions and Sharia laws,” said Al-Mutairi. He submitted memos on the experts’ views on the issue to the court.

According to Sharia laws, there is no difference in penalty between a man and a woman who committed adultery, hence, the same principle should be applied on our laws,” Al-Mutairi explained. Item number 188/1 states that a woman is considered a victim in adultery cases if she is below 21 and a man is considered guilty in such cases if he is 18 years old. The session was presided over by Judge Rashid Al-Hammad.

By Moamen Al-Masri
Special to the Arab Times

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Nuts vs Seeds

AdventureMan and I got into a discussion the other day of “what is a nut, what is a seed, what makes a peanut a legume?” We could guess, but we didn’t have any hard evidence.

God bless Google, and God bless my friend Coeurcountry, who told me about Dogpile, too, because this morning we looked up Nuts vs seeds, and got this comprehensive answer from Newton: Ask a Scientist at the US Department of Energy web page:

Question – What is the difference between a nut and a seed. How can
you define the difference. Some say that a nut has a hard shell, and a
seed can produce a plant. But many nuts like hazel nuts, and walnuts
produce new plants, such as trees. What is the difference????
A nut is a type of fruit. So then what is a fruit?

A fruit is a mature ovary from a flower. Every fruit contains one or more

And what is a seed?

A seed is an embryonic plant encased in a covering, called the seed coat or
integument. Every seed has the potential to germinate and grow into a mature
adult plant.

After a flower is pollinated, sperm are delivered to the eggs, deep down in
the part of the flower called the ovary. After the eggs are fertilized, each
one can develop into an embryo enclosed by an integument. That is a seed. As
seeds mature, the surrounding ovary tissue develops into a fruit. This fruit
can take many forms; some plants make berries (like blueberries or
tomatoes), some make legumes (like peas and beans), some make dry capsules
(like poppies).

Other plants make pretty bizarre fruits; grasses make a
fruit called a caryopsis (like a grain of wheat or a corn kernel) and
members of the daisy family make a fruit called a cypsela (the little
parachute things that we like to blow off the tops of dandelions).
To answer the question: many plants make a fruit called a nut. Technically,
a nut is a single-seeded fruit with a hard, dry outer wall that doesn’t
crack open at maturity. An acorn (the fruit of an oak tree) is a perfect
example of a nut. By the way, some things we usually call “nuts” are not,
botanically speaking nuts. A peanut (when still in its shell) is a legume.
An almond is a type of fruit called a drupe. A coconut is also a drupe.

Here is a good resource that explains, in very simple terms, how botanists
think about fruits:

C. Perkins
Nuts ARE seeds. A fruit is the part of a plant that contains the seeds. So
the nutshell is the fruit, and the nut is the seed.

A nut is a hard-shelled dry fruit or seed that you can sperate the rind or
shell and interior kernel.

A seed if the fertilized inside part of a flowering plant and that germinate
and form a new plant.

So, the seed might only have one covering, like a sunflower seed, or none at
all, like a dandelion seed. A nut would have a thick, seperate covering like
a walnut seed.

Grace Field
Dear Susan,

I went right to the source on this one; Webster’s dictionary. A nut is “the
dry, one-seeded fruit of any of various trees or bushes, consisting of a
kernel, often edible, in a hard and woody or tough and leathery shell more
or less separable from the seed itself: walnuts, pecans, chestnuts, acorns,
etc. are all nuts. 2. the kernel or meat of such a fruit. 3. loosely, any
hard-shelled fruit that will keep more or less indefinitely; peanuts,
almonds, and cashews are also called nuts.”

A seed is defined as “the part of a flowering plant that contains the
embryo and will develop into a new plant if sown; a fertilized and mature

It seems a nut is really a fruit which technically means it contains the
seeds of the plant that produces it. Perhaps we can say all nuts are seeds
but not all seeds are nuts.

Maybe there’s a botanist out there who could be a little more specific for
you. I hope this helps a little anyway.

Martha Croll

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Sunrise June 11, 2008

You can see the June sun is a big throbbing ball in the sky, and the visibility at 0600 is almost to the horizon. Less than an hour later, visibility is rapidly decreasing.

Actually, I love being out in the dust; I love seeing all the men with the gutras wrapped around their faces, it looks very exotic. Before all the designer gutras, you can imagine these cloths were a necessity to protect faces and lungs from the biting sand and gritty dust.

The medical face-masks are probably better at screening out the dust, but don’t have the same romance to them. 😉

Temperature 93°F / 34°C at 0800; and the dust may keep the temperatures down a little today, below the projected high of 109°F / 43°C.

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