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Need Recommendation

I need your technical expertise.

A year ago, knowing I really like uploading photos to illustrate my posts, I went ahead and bought the biggest upgrade. It was stupid – I didn’t notice it was only for one year, I thought it was for the life of the blog, but that isn’t really relevant. It was stupid for another reason – no matter how much I upload, I have used ZERO capacity of the 28GB upgrade.

That upgrade is about to run out.

I have 6MB of stuff uploaded. Do I need another upgrade? If we (bloggers on WordPress) all have an automatic 3GB of upload space – it seems to me that 6MB is a whole lot less that 3GB. But maybe the 6MB is just the photos, and maybe the blog entries also add up?

My question: Do I need an upgrade?

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If You Have the Eyes to See

I have a dinner party coming up, and I always have to keep my menus flexible – I am never entirely sure what I will find in the stores. The most unlikely things will show up, and then, just when you really need them, disappear.

I usually keep a little corn syrup on hand, but I also use it a lot – remember that Pecan-Date Pie?

First step, check the cupboards. Nope, no corn syrup. I can make something else, but one of my guests has a real sweet tooth, and this pie disappears in a heartbeat where people love sweets.

Second step – scour the stores. Nope, no corn syrup. They sometimes have it. Not today when I need it.

Third step – pray. Actually, I started this step while I was still in the store. I didn’t used to believe in prayers for selfish things, but I discovered that sometimes God delights in answering small prayers. I was in a bible study, where they told us to keep a prayer journal, and when we prayed for a person or something, to write it down, that a lot of times when prayers are answered, we don’t even say thank-you, we just move on.

I was astonished. They were right. When you write down what you’ve prayed for, especially for long, complicated situations, and then you go back and see the prayers that have been answered, prayers you forgot you even prayed, it is astonishing. God is so Good! And imagine answering prayers and the person praying doesn’t even say “thank you!”

When I got home, I put the cold things in the refrigerator or freezer, washed off all the vegetables, put away the other groceries, and then got the stepping stool, still praying that somewhere in my kitchen was a bottle of corn syrup that was misplaced.

I checked the baking cupboard – again. Moved everything so I could see even in the darkest corners. No corn syrup. Checked my “spares” cupboard. Nope, not there. Checked my back-up spares cupboard, sigh, no not there. Checked the breakfast / snack cupboard, can’t see anything, but I’ll check Little Diamond’s shelf, where the breakfast cereal and Canderelle are kept – and oh my! It’s a genuine miracle! When did I put the corn syrup on that shelf?

This is what a miracle looks like in my life this morning:

Thanks be to God! He takes care of our smallest needs!

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Early Dawn + Cold Spell

I happened to be up this morning pre-dawn:

So calm, so serene, and I just love that someone is out there fishing on the glassy waters. But it was WAAAYYY early, I went back to bed. . . no sunrise for me this morning.

WeatherUnderground shows a cold spell today:

But as you can see, it will head right back up there as the week progresses.

I am packing for another trip – one where we will be on a beach, but instructions on Virtual Traveller say “even the hottest summer day has cool nights, so bring a light jacket, long pants and shoes and socks.” I can’t wait!

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