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Wait Five Minutes!

The weather when I arrived was partly cloudy, then rainy:

Yesterday was sunny and bright:

And today it is partly rainy and partly not-raining:

There’s an old saying here “You don’t like the weather? Wait five minutes!”

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Ivar’s Customer Service

In all the world, the restaurant I love above all others is Ivar’s, and the good news for me is that Ivar’s has branches all over Seattle. They have big, full service restaurants, they have counters in the food courts in all the malls, they have branches all over the city, sort of like fast-food Ivar’s, and then they have a couple branches by the ferry-boat lines, so people taking the ferries to the islands can just grab some fish and chips to go. Or clam chowder. Yummm.

You all think I come to Seattle and just sit back and eat bonbons, but you are SO wrong. I do all my medical check ups, and get new glasses, and try to take care of all kinds of business. So I am waiting for my glasses to be ready in one hour, and I go to the nearby food court where I know there is an Ivar’s. I was having blood tests this morning, so I have fasted since midnight the night before and I am HUNGRY.

When I get to the Ivar’s, I order the Salmon Ceasar, which the big sign says is $8.69.

“Is that the lunch special Salmon Ceasar?” the counter guy asks.

I am desperately looking for a sign and I don’t see one, so I say “yes.”

The price is WAYYYYY less than a dinner Salmon Ceasar, and the salmon is almost the same size, just a little less lettuce, or so it looks to me.

How often to restaurants ask you if you would like LESS instead of more? Often, when we order, the server asks “is that all?” and my usual answer is “isn’t that enough?” Like we are not supposed to be in the restaurant unless we are going to order more?

When my lunch comes, there is also a form – you will see it below. It is a very brave form – I always admire restaurants that genuinely ask for feedback.

(At one restaurant in Kuwait, I wrote I would never be back because they didn’t have the kind of pizza I like, and AdventureMan said “the home office will never see that one!” because he believes that the bad ones are probably tossed away.)

I’m only sharing this with you because I really love Ivar’s food, and I really love their approach to the customer.

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