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Long Way Gone in PB

Just a quick note to say that if you have been waiting to read Long Way Gone in paperback, it is now on the shelves.

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Tai-ho’s in Kenmore, WA

“If she didn’t have a refrigerator, Intlxpatr (only she calls me by my real name), what did she do about laundry and diapers when you came along?”

I just looked at her stupidly. That had never occurred to me.

“I remember our next door neighbors had a barrel-shaped washing machine with a hand cranked wringer,” I responded, “but I think by that point my Mom had a more modern washing machine. I don’t know what she was using when I was born.”

Then, over noodles at Tai-Ho’s, where you watch the noodle-maker man in a specially built window, surrounded by Chinese, Chinese-Americans and Chinese-food lovers, we reminisced about our own babies, and laundry services. We were mothers of the hip generation, back-to-nature, and for eco reasons, we used a diaper service, which was considered much more earth-friendly.

“Oh! The smell of that diaper pail!” I groaned. We both moved on to Pampers after a few months with the soiled diaper smell.

We were rescued from any further contemplation of those pungent smells by the arrival of a delicious Hot and Sour Soup, a big bowl, which we divided, followed quickly by the Green Beans with Meat:

And then – one of the specialities of the house, the Seafood Basket, which is served in a basket of those noodles we saw the noodle-maker-guy making, filled with delectable scallops, shrimp, fish, fresh steamed crispy broccoli and water chestnuts, covered with a foam of egg whites – magnificent.

My friend had recommended the Green Beans, but she didn’t know about the Seafood Basket – we just ordered it to see what it was like. After it came, we saw other diners asking the waitress about it and several more came out of the kitchen. It was DELICIOUS.

Tai-Ho Restaurant

6312 NE Bothell Way
Kenmore, WA 98028
(425) 485-4020

If you are coming from Kuwait – or elsewhere – and want to eat like a local, you want Tai-Ho’s. It is purely wonderful.

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Safat Down?

I was just checking the Kuwait Blogs and I got a message that Safat is corrupted. Is anyone else getting the same view?

We take their service for granted, don’t we, these guys who volunteer their own time to keep Safat running. We are so lucky to have an aggregator in Kuwait so comprehensive and reliable.

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