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“Ramadan is Back”

I am on my way now to the Sultan Center to find this adorable book by

I love books like this, not the least because I can sound out the simple Arabic appropriate for very young children. Four year olds love me; they know more Arabic than I do and they can teach me. I am a willing student. 🙂

Ana ahub (I love) also WeLoveKuwait, for finding a niche and filling it, filling it beautifully. Mabruk, We Love Kuwait, and thank you for this book; it is a Ramadan blessing.

Here is what they say about the book:

“Ramadan is Back” is especially dear to our hearts because it introduces and re-inscribes to children the facts and values we hold about the Holy month of Ramadan. This book not only teaches children what fasting is and why we fast, but it also emphasizes the importance of practicing all our good manners all year long. This book also encourages children to commit themselves to healthy eating habits. A vital message that is expressed in this book is to use this blessed time of year to send our love to the entire world and pray for global peace!

Here is where you can find “Ramadan is Back:”

. Virgin (marina – airport)
. Jareer
.Sultan Center
.Bassinet in Tala Center

and our welovekuwait bookshop in Muthanna Complex- mezzanine- shop #122 (opposite of Tele Seen)

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Ramadan Mubarak!

Welcome, Ramadan!

I looked, early this morning, to see if I could spot that thin thin sliver of a crescent moon. The sky – at 4:45 a.m. was clear and there were twinkling stars, but if there was a thin crescent moon, I couldn’t find it.

Wishing you all, my brothers and sisters, a blessed month of contemplation and spiritual enhancement, of family time and time for reading the Qur’an, of sacrifice and joy.

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Ramadan Sunrise

Still jet lagging, but not so badly. I can sleep from ten at night until almost 5 in the morning, now, and actually, I kind of like it. I really like being able to use the pool all by myself, no ooglers, everyone asleep, just me and the pool. And then, oh, I really really like watching the sun rise.

This morning, the pre-sunrise was glorious, too:

You know me, I have this thing about the sun reflecting on clouds. In the Pacific Northwest, that happens best at sunset, but here in Kuwait, I have my sunrises. 🙂 This morning’s sunrise, to welcome Ramadan, was sheer beauty:

The weather is cooling more at night – it is only 84°F/ 29°C at 6:30 this morning, but . . . the forecast is for a brutal 118°F / 48°C today, for the first day of Ramadan. Good day for a mid-day nap, if you have that luxury.

May Ramadan be generous to you.

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