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WordPress Sitcky Posts

WordPress announced a very cool innovation – the ability to place a post at the top of your blog and keep it there until you decide otherwise. Called Sticky Posts, as you write a new post, you see in the publish status box a new option that says “stitck this post to the front page.”

If you check the box, the post you write stays at the top of the page, first thing your visitors see. When you no longer care to have it featured, you unclick it, and save – and it goes to the chronological place where it belongs.

So easy, so practical, so much fun. Cool.

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Two Sunrises

Did you hear the wind blowing last night? I could hear it whistling; when I got up, at 3 a.m., it was one of those huge sandstorms. I quickly had to re-arrange some things so that they wouldn’t blow away, blow over, or crash with a mighty thud (the plants). Within minutes it had died back down again.

This morning, there is a big surf – well, big for a Kuwait that has had mostly glassy seas and golden sunrises the last week.

Here is yesterday’s sunrise:

Sunrise 7 September 2008

Sunrise 7 September 2008

And here is today’s sunrise:

Sunrise 8 September 2008

Sunrise 8 September 2008

It’s going to be another hot day, although I think the season is starting, barely perceptibly, to shift. No temperature for this week is in the hundred-and-teens. The forecast for today is 109°F / 43°C and for the foreseeable future, slightly lower.

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