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Keeps Me Humble

The very few people who know that I blog sometimes ask me “How do you get such high statistics?”

The simple truth is, my very highest attracting post, even one year later, gets the most hits. It isn’t about the content, it’s about the birthday cake photo. How humbling is that?

WordPress allows us to look at our posts in terms of the last seven days, the last 30 days, the last quarter, the last year and all time. Because I love statistics and trends, and what numbers can tell us and how they can mislead us, I love it that WordPress has added all these features. (They have also added technical features that outstrip my abilities and my desire. I want to keep it simple – just writing on some days can be hard enough for me.)

So here is a look at my all time high scoring articles:

September 12, 2008 Posted by | Blogging, Community, Cross Cultural, ExPat Life, Statistics, Technical Issue, WordPress | 11 Comments