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Reflecting Al Kout

AdventureMan is so patient with me.

“Just one minute!” I say to him while he is starving, and I am busy with a photo I can’t resist.

He never grumbles. He just patiently waits while I shoot away.

Last night at the Al Kout Mall was just such a night – when we got there (and got a perfect parking place because YOU were still breaking your fast with family and friends) the fountains were not on, and the pool was a perfect Taj Mahal like mirror for reflecting the Al Kout lights.

“Just a minute!” as I shot from one angle.

“Oh, just one more!” as I see it again, from another.

Same camera. Same settings. Different angle – so why is one so much more golden than the other, which is more sparkly white?

Which to you prefer?

I would feel a whole lot better about my skills as a photographer if I knew how to reproduce the results I get, if I understood better how I got the shot I did. As it is, most of my best photos are the result of being in the right place at the right time with a camera. I hate to say it about myself, but it is a result of being prepared and dumb luck. I give myself full credit for having a camera with me when a shot appears, but making it that perfect shot? I need to learn more.

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Prosper the Work of Our Hands

This is from today’s Psalm 90, the very last verse:

17Let the favour of the Lord our God be upon us,
and prosper for us the work of our hands—
O prosper the work of our hands!

My wish for you today is that Mightly God prosper the work of your hands, and mine. 🙂

For my non-Islamic friends, in this culture there is a greeting I love – God bless the work of your hands! (Sounds like: Allah ya teek’ ala fee ah) (If that is not quite right, I welcome correction; that is how it sounds to me.)

This verse reminds me so much of that.

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Sulphury Saturday Sunrise

Another sweet, clear morning, a whole blockade of fishing boats between me and the horizon, and a totally different sunrise from yesterday – a very yellow, sulphury sunrise:

It’s a mere 77° F / 25° C, a cool September morning, these last few days of Ramadan. Good morning, Kuwait!

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