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Running Red Lights (3)

I first blogged about this on April 14 and then again in July. I was on this road again yesterday, and oh look – nothing has changed, except the one remaining red light has become even dimmer in the 6 months. I have seen other lights changed – and cleaned (part of the problem here is the humidity and the sand gumming up the lights) but c’mon, this should be a part of nightly traffic maintenance! This is a disaster waiting to happen at a busy intersection:

Can you even see the red light? You have to know it is there, I think. It is the top right light. Now – can you see it?

Traffic department: These lights are at the intersection of the southern Gulf Road/ 7th Ring Road/ 209 and Highway 30. Please, clean up these lights and put in fresh bulbs!

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AbdulAziz’s Sunset Entries: Great Q8 Sunset Challenge

Wow! The Kuwait Sunset Challenge is up and running, and our first entrant sets a very high standard! AbdulAziz has his own Flikr page with other gorgeous photographs; he takes his photography skills very seriously, as you will see.

Now for the impossible – the photos are all gorgeous. Which one is your favorite?

(This one was disqualified because it was shot in Lebanon)

(This one is disqualified because it was shot in Lebanon)

Thank you, AbdulAziz, for your beautiful entries! Anyone else who wants to send photos to me, you are welcome, please send them as attachments to your e-mail!

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