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Evening Twist

Tonight I was unaccountably organized, and realized I had exactly 21 1/2 minutes to spare before dinner was finished cooking (something it could do in the oven all by itself with no additional help from me) and . . . the light was going to that almost-sunset shade of somewhere-between=pink=and=blue that mesmerizes me.

While out the window on the other side of the house, an apocalyptic sun is setting:

I am telling you, sunrise in Kuwait is a piece of cake. Sunset – now there is a challenge. You still have time. I know there are possibilities. Show me a beautiful sunset in Kuwait. Don’t be intimidated by AbdulAziz – he LOVES photography and has been shooting for a long time. Find your own unique point of view.

As you can see, it is a challenge for me, too. I don’t like industrial looking sunsets, which seem to be fairly standard in Kuwait. There has to be a fabulous sunset possible. There must be!

Meanwhile, did you notice in the almost-purple shot above, there are no fishing boats on the horizon? This is how it looked just an hour and a half ago:

So many boats! And minutes later – they are all gone! For nights, their lights have been a necklace across the horizon, and now they are gone. How do they know? I can still see patches of twitchy water – how do they know?

By the way – look at that sea! Look at the color! Look at the blue sky! Wooo hoooo, October in Kuwait!

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If I Were . . .

I’m talking here about two subjects, a grammar issue and an emotional issue.

My friends think I am even-tempered and happy all the time. Here is the truth – no one is even-tempered and happy all the time. I am even-tempered and happy MOST of the time – but like everyone else, I have moods.

I have noticed that sometimes drinking too much coffee can set me spinning with anxiety, worrying about things for which there is honestly no substantial reason on earth for me to worry. Sometimes I can feel paranoid, and think maybe my phone isn’t ringing because all my friends are out having fun without me. Sometimes I can be tired, or hungry, or jet lagging, or hormonal. . . there are a million factors that have little to do with facts and reality, and everything to do with emotion.

When I catch myself having persistent, irrational, troublesome thoughts, I do a couple things. You know me, you can guess the first. I pray.

The second thing I do is to play a game with myself – “If I Were. . . ”

If I were normal and serene, how would I behave? What would I be thinking? Sometimes just by acting “as if”, I can break the mood. Putting on Christmas music or old Beatles or Rolling Stones is just about sure-fire. Reading a light-weight mystery can take me away. A hot bath with great smelling bubbles – something like Cinnamon Orange (Occitaine used to make it) or Lavender or even something lemony can cheer me up. Acting as if I were serene can bring me to serenity.

(Here is the second part – does anyone use the subjunctive tense any more? I was taught that if you are talking about something that is not-for-certain true, or doubtful, you use the subjunctive. I hear people saying “If I was” all the time and I think maybe it has become acceptable by common usage.

For example, above, I talk about “If I were serene . . .” meaning, I am NOT feeling serene, but can speculate as to how I would behave if I were serene. Is this tense, the subjunctive, still taught in English classes?)

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Two For One

Oh! I love October! I am so excited to get up in the mornings, go out on the balcony, all cool and fresh! The weather has been amazing, suddenly dry and not-so-hot, not-so-humid, and we can see all the way to the horizon. With the Eid – and fewer factories running, or whatever it is that puts all the junk in the air here – the sky is actually BLUE, not that hazy white we see most of the year.

It’s only 77°F / 25°C at 0800 this morning. I bet some Kuwaitis are shivering! 😉

Here is yesterday’s sunrise, actually taken as the sun broke over the horizon:

And here is today’s sunrise, actually taken a few minutes later (too lazy this morning!)

GOOOOOOOOD Morning, Kuwait! Hope ya’ll have a great day!

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