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Good Samaritan

This is from today’s Arab Times, but I think there was a very brief write-up of it before – a Kuwaiti, coming out of mosque during Ramadan, saw her walking naked and dazed down the street, wrapped a “cloth” – I am guessing his gutra – around her and took her to the hospital. I remember thinking what a good, decent man this was, coming from mosque, during Ramadan, having compassion on this poor abused woman. Or maybe that was another, totally separate incident where four young men abduct, gang rape, and dump an Ethiopian maid. (sigh)

Police hunt gang rapists: Police are looking for four young men who allegedly kidnapped and raped an Ethiopian girl, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily.

Police received information about a girl in a semi-naked state in Kabad and rushed to rescue her. The girl said four youths dumped her in the middle of the road after having forced sex with her successively.

I tag this Women’s Issues, but if you read the papers, you will know that young men are as vulnerable to abduction and gang rape as young women.

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Excuse Me? Say What?

From today’s Arab Times:

Drunkard creates nuisance: Police have arrested a Kuwaiti man for consuming alcohol and spreading panic in Adan Hospital, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily.

The well-built drunkard, who was visiting his brother in the hospital, caused nuisance and insulted policemen who rushed to the place, say sources.

It was found that the drunkard is wanted by law for insulting an employee on duty.

Don’t you find this write-up a bit strange?

OK, what does being “well-built” have to do with anything??? This is a news story!

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6 October 2008 Back to Normal

The sound of early morning traffic humming by the house woke me early this morning, early enough to catch the sun coming up. The truth – as I see it – is that this is a very ho-hum, back to normal kind of morning. People are in the back-to-work mode, focused, not all that happy, after the glorious celebration of Eid, to be heading back to hum-drum normal. The sunrise was also sort of ho-hum, but there is a little wave action going on, and the temperature is only 79°F / 26°C and not expected to go over 98°F / 37°C.

I don’t mean to complain. It is a lovely sunrise. I might have had too much caffein this morning!

Sometimes, in the fall, I feel a little restless. Maybe the inner-Alaskan starts looking for a cave in which to hibernate!

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Kuwait Adopts Islamic Jurisprudence?

From today’s Kuwait Times:

KUWAIT: MP Dr. Waleed Al-Tabtabae said that several MPs plan to amend the second Article of the Kuwaiti Constitution and adopt Islamic jurisprudence as the main source of legislation in Kuwait. They will also push for amending other laws in accordance with the Islam as they feel that Islamic laws can effectively ward off crimes, theft, alcohol, drugs, adultery and sexual assaults.

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