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Wooo HOOOO MacaholiQ8 Sunsets

Just when I had given up hope of any more entries (you have until next Saturday) I got a set from Macaholiq8 that totally took my breath away. Wait ’till you see these!

He says the first is taken at a farm in Wafra, and the next three are taken at Marina Mall. GOOD eye, Mac!

Wafra Sunset

Wafra Sunset

Mac Marina Mall Sunset 1

Mac Marina Mall Sunset 1

Mac Marina Mall Sunset 2

Mac Marina Mall Sunset 2

Mac Marina Mall Sunset 3

Mac Marina Mall Sunset 3

How about those sunsets, Great Q8 Sunset Fans? 🙂 (Thank you, Mac, for participating. And WOW.)

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4 Days Left: Topic Poverty

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Pollution Invading Kuwait Hospitals

Thanks to long time Kuwaiti-blogger Hilaliya who alerts us to this article from Al Watan.

Americans put this same granite in their kitchens, and are now paying to have their beautiful granite countertops radon tested – and pulled out. Imagine preparing food on countertops that emit radiation! Imagine inviting patients into a hospital emitting radiation! Some granites emit more radiation than others – these need to be radon tested.

Pollution is invading our hospitals
Dr. Essam Abdullatif AlـFulaij

It seems that we need an uprising at the Ministry of Health. Patients as well as doctors and staff are at risk because of the use of inappropriate construction materials which cause pollution. Despite the warnings of some engineers, the officials at the ministry neglected the issue and concealed the facts so as not to get involved.

In August 2008, Amar magazine published a report by engineer Fotouh AlـAsfour in which she strenuously rang the alarm over what is happening at our hospitals. She submitted the report to two former health ministers and the Ministry of Health”s Engineering Department, members of the Municipal Council and the Parliament but no action was taken.

In her report, Fotouh said: “Having designed and supervised the construction of hospitals and medical centers for the health sector, I know the standards and specifications for materials used in hospitals to protect patients, visitors and hospital staff from microbial contamination. The project to renew hospitals, which began several years ago, has largely contributed to the deterioration of health conditions of both citizens and residents and the mortality rate has increased due to the high level of pollution caused by microbial contaminated materials that were used in the modernization of these hospitals in the absence of proper guidance and control.”

She added: “The use of granite in hospitals is not recommend at all as it is the second biggest cause of lung cancer after smoking, as reported by the American Lung Association. Granite radiates “radon gas” and its impact is worse when using the kind produced by China. It is really strange that granite has been used to decorate the entrance and most wings at the Hussein Makki Jumaa Center for Cancer Treatment.”

Engineer Fotouh stressed the importance of urgent attention saying: “In conclusion, the main reason behind writing this report is not criticism or accusation, but to attract officials” attention to urgently deal with the issue. Reform is not costly and should not be postponed, because the price of further delay is the loss of more lives. A specialized committee must be formed to follow up the issue and replace these materials with medical materials, especially in the Operating Rooms, Intensive Care Units and premature babies wards, causalities, and then in other awards.”

We hope that the report will be considered by officials to protect our patients and hospital staff. It”s time to stop these deadly dangers that are even affecting doctors. The lives of human beings are precious.

Last updated on Friday 10/10/2008

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