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Greetings From Kinan

Our blogging friend Kinan sends his Hellos to the Kuwait blogging world, and regrets he cannot participate in the Great Kuwait Sunset Challenge, as he is doing his graduate studies in Sweden, but he sends along his greetings and this photo for us from sunny Sweden:

To my readers who have never lived in Kuwait – you cannot imagine how it feels to feast your eyes on so much GREEN when you live in Kuwait. Kuwait is greener than Qatar, there are more native trees (Daggero calls them Athels) which seem to need very little water and provide a beautiful feathery green – but they are far and few between.

Kinan’s photo is LUSH with green, it’s like life gone abundantly wild. Total WOW, Kinan, and thank you for sending!

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Andorra, Smoking and Life Expectancy

This little illustration was part of an e-mail a friend sent this week, but it reminded me of a special I heard a couple weeks ago on BBC about Andorra.

Andorra has the highest life expectancy of any country in the world. When people try to figure out why, they think it must be because people are physically active there, all their lives. The elderly are encouraged to go to the gyms, prices are greatly subsidized for all citizens, like gyms and water aerobics classes and EVERYBODY stays fit.

They have the longest life expectancy in spite of the fact that many many of the Andorrans are also smokers. Go figure.

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5 Day Kuwait Forecast

Wooo HOOOOO Kuwait! Look at this forecast! Winter has arrived, not a single day in the upcoming five days expected to go to 100°F! Wooo HOOOO!

I woke up this morning to hear the wind whistling and we have lots of wave action today and the surf is up – not the glassy calm of the summer mornings.

Ansam, because you ask, sunrise was around 0600 this morning. 🙂

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