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Kuwait Activists Reject MPs” Hijab Ruling

Activists reject MPs” hijab ruling
”Wearing of veil is not prerequisite for ministerial post”

Al Watan staff

KUWIAT: Political activists have expressed their great disappointment at the Parliament”s Legislative Committee”s decision which stated that the positions held by Minister of Education and Minister of Higher Education Nouriya AlـSubaih and Minister of State for Housing Affairs and Minister of State for Development Affairs Moudi AlـHomoud as female ministers were unconstitutional.

In a symposium entitled “Who protects personal freedom,” eminent activist Najla AlـNaqi said that the committee should have paid attention to more serious issues rather than focusing on marginal issues such as wearing the veil. She urged the committee to reconsider its decision.

Sheikha Dr. Maymouna AlـSabah made the Constitution a point of departure for her argument, stating that it did not distinguish between genders when it came to the qualification of a voter and never mentioned any preference of one over the other. She demanded for the appointment of more female ministers since it is the only way for them to reach the Parliament.

Historian Ghanima AlـFahaid outlined the role of Kuwaiti women and their contribution to society in different fields including defending the State from invaders. She reminded the audience of the brilliant work of both ministers and that they tirelessly endeavor to serve the community in every possible way.

Kuwait University lecturer Dr. Layla AlـSabaan regarded the decisions as regrettable at a time when women should be encouraged and commended for their work. She stressed that the Kuwaiti society believes in equal opportunities for all regardless of gender and that personal freedom should be respected as long as it doesn”t jeopardize the culture and traditions of the society.

Journalists Society consultant Dr. Ayed AlـManna discussed the legality of female ministers, highlighting that gender equality in a country like Kuwait is extremely important. He added that Kuwait is a liberal society in many ways, pointing out that the Constitution does not specifically say that women must wear veils as a perquisite to taking up their ministerial posts.

Meanwhile, political activist Najat AlـHashshash questioned the nature and background of the decision asking if this ruling applied to all female staff working in the Parliament or ministers only.

Last updated on Friday 24/10/2008

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Kuwait Fatal Traffic Accidents

From Al Watan

Road accidents claim 450 lives annually
Al Watan staff

KUWAIT: Some 450 people die due to road accidents in Kuwait annually, according to recent statistics quoted by a Kuwaiti specialist. Fatal traffic accidents have alarmingly increased in Kuwait with the latest statistics suggesting that there has been an increase of 35 percent in the period from 2002 – 2005.

The information was revealed by Dr. Ghanem Sultan during a lecture he delivered at the Kuwait Geography Society where he disclosed that traffic accidents represent four percent of overall death cases in the country, making Kuwait the country with the highest rates of trafficـrelated fatalities.
Regarding the causes of traffic accidents, he pointed out that accidents generally occur due to speeding, drivers’ reluctance to wear seatbelts, recklessness, the jumping of traffic lights as well as driving under the influence of alcohol.

Expanding on human factors, he blamed accidents on the growing population, the multitude of vehicles as well as traffic congestion.

According to him, around 80,000 – 90,000 new cars ply the roads every year, adding that projects to expand road capacity reached its maximum limits in 1997.

He also attributed fatal accidents to geographical factors, including high temperatures, humidity and dust during the summer and rains during the winter season.

That’s a very high death rate. How many of those deaths are young male Kuwaitis, whose removal from the marriage pool and gene pool can have unknown consequences?

Do you think there are really 80 – 90,000 NEW cars on the roads every year? Could that be a misprint? That sounds like a very high number of new cars to me.

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Operation Hope Needs Shoes, Blankets and Men’s Clothing

Thanks for getting the word out! Seems we’ll be getting the shoe drive going as of November 1st with AUK as our drop point. Bazaar will be featuring an article with the details in their November issue so to plug in I encourage you to pick up a copy of the magazine.

Blankets & trousers are also high on the “need” list. Serious donors should email us on for details on where to drop your new or gently used items.

Sheryll Mairza
Founder & Director

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90 Year Old Kuwaiti Overdoses on Heroin?

This is very hard for me to imagine:

Citizen dies of heroin overdose

Al Watan staff

KUWAIT: A citizen in 90s died on Wednesday at his house in Jabriya due to an overdose of heroin. After the Operation Room received a phone call from the family informing them that the Kuwaiti man suddenly fainted, police officers and medical teams rushed to the house. The man was taken to the hospital by paramedics but passed away. Forensic police examined the corpse and confirmed that a drug overdose was the main cause of death.

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Blessing Friday Sunrise

So you might think it a curse to have to get up early on a Friday morning, but I started falling asleep around nine last night, and by 5:30 this morning, I had enough sleep. 🙂 The Qatteri Cat and I were just sitting, watching the necklace of fishing boats off the coast, their lights twinkling, watching the light change. There are too many sunrises this morning – it is the most glorious morning! Thank God for these amazing clouds!

This is “Not-the-Sunrise.” It is in the opposite direction from the sunrise; the sun can’t break through the clouds but there is this high pink reflection on far-away clouds:

This is the sun just beginning penetrate the low laying clouds on the horizon:

This is because it is so beautiful and I can’t stop myself, I love the outlining on the clouds:

This is because the birds flew in and how often does that happen at just the right time?

And this one – same day, same sunrise – is taken an hour later. Looks like a totally different day, doesn’t it?

Who would ever guess that this girl from the rainy Pacific Northwest would get such a thrill out of the return of rainclouds?

The five day forecast shows scattered clouds, lowering temperatures (Wooo HOOOOO!) but . . . where did the chance of rain go?

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