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Why Dogs Hate Halloween

A friend sent me a very long e-mail this morning, full of photos like these. I am only sharing these with you at the end of the work day because I don’t want your boss to hear you laughing out loud: 🙂

Can you imagine? Have they no pride, no dignity? A dog will be a good sport and will go along with just about anything. A cat will scratch your eyes out if you are even thinking about it! LLOOLL

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Blogger Someday (Red) sent me a not-your-Kuwait-sunset to post now that the Great Kuwait Sunset Challenge is officially over:

How incredibly beautiful is that? Does anyone recognize where it is?

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QC Misses AdventureMan

Just seconds after AdventureMan was out the door this morning, Qatteri Cat came in crying, carrying his baby. He often does that when AdventureMan leaves. I am good for giving fresh water, giving food and providing warmth. AdventureMan is his true love, and the Qatteri Cat grieves for him when he leaves, crying piteously.

This last summer when I was on vacation with my family, my sister’s grandson, 18 months old, would light up and shout her husband’s name every time he saw him.

“Gooey!” he would shout, his eyes alight and run for his Grandpa. My sister, who was working patiently and lovingly with him to learn her name wasn’t even on his radar – at that stage, he was more focused on men – his Dad, his Grandpa and another uncle he called “Nom!”

My sister would say “what am I, chopped liver?” which always scared me, because kids pick up on things we DON’T want them to pick up on, and what if he started calling her Chopped Liver???

But this morning, when Qatteri Cat is inconsolable at the loss of his favorite, I feel a little like chopped liver. :-/

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Sunrise 26 October 2008

There were days last summer when I wondered why I was doing sunrises; they all looked the same. Now, with October, wonderful October, not only is every day different, but every five minutes is different.

The temperature is a mere 75 °F / 24 °C and it is Mostly Cloudy – wooo Hooo! If we were in the Pacific Northwest, I would say it looks like rain. Out on my balcony this morning, it smelled like rain coming. 🙂

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