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She Kept Her Head

From today’s Arab Times:

Police arrest youth, hunt for two in kidnap, rape bid of schoolgirl

KUWAIT CITY: Police have arrested a Kuwaiti youngster and are looking for his two other accomplices who allegedly kidnapped a schoolgirl, drove her to a deserted area and tried to rape her, reports Al-Dar daily.

The girl told police that the youngsters got scared when she screamed for help and drove off; however, she managed to note down the plate number of their vehicle and it led to the arrest of one of them.

God bless this scared, screaming girl – she used her head. The miserable cowards who abducted her and intended to rape her dumped her, and she wrote down their license number! Wooo HOOO on you, girlie!

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What Happened with Categories, WordPress?

Two days ago I noticed that my categories are no longer showing, so I went into admin and changed it back, so that they are showing. The next day it was back to this “a” and a box you have to drop down to find the categories.

It’s not that I mind the box – if I had chosen the box. I chose to have my categories showing. You gave me that option. What? So now you are taking it away and you didn’t even give me any warning? You appear to give me the option on my Admin page, but I really don’t have the option? What is going on?

I know it’s not just me – I see it on a couple other WordPress blogs I visit.

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An Insult – and 3 Dead Kuwaitis

From today’s Arab Times. How many hearts are breaking in Kuwait over one young man’s lack of self-control? I know, I know, this is Kuwait, and things are different. Because of an insult, three brothers are dead, and one in intensive care. Two families devastated, one with dead sons, one with a son who is a murderer. Three crashed vehicles, one from an innocent man who only stopped to see if he could help, and ended up with his car stolen and crashed, too. . . the whole thing is tragedy, from beginning to end.

Three brothers dead: Three Kuwaiti brothers in the age group of 25-30 years died in a road rage accident in Mina Abdullah while their fourth brother is currently confined to the intensive care unit of Adan Hospital, reports Al-Anba daily.

According to a security source, a Kuwaiti youth’s car broke down on King Fahd Expressway. The youth reportedly called his father to inform about the breakdown and told that four Kuwaiti youngsters had insulted him. When his father went to help the youth, the latter took his father’s vehicle, drove at full speed and crashed into the Jeep of the four brothers. The Jeep overturned due to the impact and one of the brothers died on the spot. Two others died in Adan Hospital and the fourth one is confined to the intensive care unit.

Meanwhile, the youth, who appeared disoriented, left his father’s car at the site of the accident and drove away with an Asian’s car who stopped to check what happened. He was eventually arrested after crashing into another car.

How does the law work in a case like this?

It says the young man was arrested. Is he still in jail? Can you get bail after killing three people in an act of rage?

Is his driving license taken away?

is an insult considered justification for a crime of rage?

Does he go to prison, or if he pays blood money, does he walk away free?

If he is convicted of murder, what is the likely sentence?

Will he also go on trial for stealing the Asian’s car and crashing it?

Not a legal question:

Does this cause an unending feud between two families? Or is this just another chapter in an already ongoing feud?

How many drivers am I sharing the road with who have killed?

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Barely There Sunrise

This morning, I was up, looking out my window-on-the-world, hanging on to my coffee for dear live at 0600 in the morning, Qatteri Cat was with me, purring and making those little kitten noises that mean “Hiya, Mom, any chance you’ll pour me some fresh cat food?” and I have my camera . . . but there is no sunrise. There is light, but whatever is hanging over Kuwait is SO thick that the sun can’t break through, not for half an hour after sunrise.

This is what it looks like when you can finally see the sun:

What is really scary – we are BREATHING that stuff!

It is 72°F / 22°C at 0700 (Wooo Hoooo!) and althought it doesn’t feel so humid today, we have the possibility of rain later on this week. And look at those temperatures! Get out the long underwear!

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