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Interesting Twist on Hijab

From today’s Al Watan:

”Policewomen must comply with Islamic attire”
Al Watan staff

KUWAIT: In reaction to a statement by the Director General of Sheikh Saad AlـAbdullah Academy on policewomen”s uniforms, MP Mohammed Hayef noted that the current uniform requirements for female police contravene with the spirit of Islamic law as well as the Constitution, which guarantees personal freedom.

According to him, the announced uniform will ban policewomen for wearing a veil, even if they chose to do so.

The lawmaker reiterated his resolve to stand against the uniform to ensure that Islamic law is observed.

He also criticized the period during which policewomen will undergo training, arguing that 12 hours is too long for the female conscripts, considering their physical abilities.

Describing the training period as similar to hard labor, he called on the relevant authorities to reconsider their decision on this particular matter.

Last updated on Tuesday 28/10/2008

What do you think? I think that there are ways of covering your hair that are not inconsistent with being a policewoman. If the uniform forbids hijab, in my mind, that is as bad as the parliament requiring hijab, for the same reason – wearing hijab or not wearing hijab is a personal decision between a woman and her God. It is not to be mandated by state or mankind. Instead of getting into a big fracas about it, why not have a fashion-design contest to design a professional headgear that a covered woman could CHOOSE to wear as part of her uniform?

As to the 12 hours – well LLLLOOOLLLL! How many hours of hard labor per day do women put in with taking care of children, cleaning, shopping and meal preparation, not to mention family obligations? Working a 12 hour day training to be a policewoman? Piece of cake!

Women in all parts of the world are working as soldiers, police, fire protection, etc. They train as hard as the men, and they get the job done. Think of the female doctors in Kuwait, and the hours they work! Think of their sacrifice! Our estrogen issues are no more diverting and/or debilitating than male testosterone issues!

(thank you, thank you, I’ll get off my soapbox now)

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Aware Center: November Schedule

If you are feeling a little clueless in Kuwait, the Aware Center is a great place to get started. They offer classes in Arabic, in addition to multiple opportunities to understand the culture and all that Kuwait has to offer. 


AWARE Center November Calendar

“Advocates for Western-Arab Relations”


The AWARE Center is a non-profit and non-governmental organization that was established in 2003 by a group of Arabs and Westerners whose aim was to promote positive relations between Westerners and Arabs through dialogue and friendship.  Since our opening in 2003, individuals from more than 50 countries have visited AWARE to take part in our cross-cultural activities. 


We hope you will join us as we share the culture of the Arabs and Muslims through a variety of programs scheduled during the month of November. 

For further details on any of our programs, you may contact our staff by telephone at

2 5335280 or by email at or or view our webpage 


November at AWARE:

Nov. 2-8

Tues. 4th Nov. Diwaniya: “The Status of Women in the World and Islam’s Response”,  by Dr Teresa, 7:00pm

Wed. 5th Nov. Cultural Orientation Course: “Cultural Clothing of Kuwait” by Iman Martin, 7:00pm

Thurs. 6th Nov.  Arabic Winter Courses Begin (Please refer to the attachment for a full schedule of class offerings) 

Nov. 9-15


Mon. 10th Nov. Tour: Tareq Rajab Museum Please note: This tour meets directly at the Museum at 5pm.  For directions and further details, contact

Tues. 11th Nov. Diwaniya: “What is the Real Jihad?” by Shayma Mahmoud, 7:00pm

Wed. 12th Nov. Cultural Orientation Course: “Etiquette when visiting Kuwaiti Homes” by Wadha, 7:00pm

Thurs. 13th Nov. International Friends Film and Coffee Social: “Inside Mecca, National Geographicdocumentary film, 7:00pm

Sat. 15th Nov. Tour: Grand Mosque 9.30am Please note: This tour meets directly at the Grand Mosque at 9:15am.  For    directions and further details, contact


Nov. 16-22


Tues. 18th Nov. Diwaniya: “Globalization Vs Universalism by Kevin Stoda, 7:00pm

Wed. 19th Nov. Cultural Orientation Course: “Kuwaiti Weddings & Islamic Married Life” by Iman Martin, 7:00pm


Nov. 23-30


Tues. 25th Nov. Diwaniya: “Why are human beings different?”, by Hassan Taha, 7:00pm

Thurs. 27th Nov. Carpet Exhibition & Lecture,  “The Art of Persians Carpets”, by Nazi Riasati Al-Dashti, 7:00pm

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Rosy Dawn with Chills

Wooo HOOO, Kuwait! Look at this temperature at 7 ayem!

And then look at the humidity and the dew point! No wonder we all feel a little clammy!

The dawn is moving further and further to the south, and this morning was briefly rosy as the sun struggled to break through the thick haze:

When my husband and I prayed together this morning, we prayed to be able to keep our minds and hearts on the things that are really important, and not the things of the world. As financial empires crumble, we want to be thankful for all the riches with which we have been blessed – our marriage, our son and his wife, our families – for good jobs, and good friends – and we pray to be safe on the roads.

Even the Qatteri Cat likes morning prayer time. 🙂

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