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Heading for the Desert

Every now and then I wish I were a man. When I was a little kid, our dads would all head out on a big boat, going hunting. Mostly, women stayed home. Some women hunted, but it is hard work, and, I think, maybe men don’t always want women along when they go out hunting, they want to (in Alaska) drink and party and play cards and talk crude and don’t want anyone around reminding them to mind their manners.

The truth is I don’t know what they do. I can only imagine, based on things I’ve heard, movies, my imagination.

Today, my neighbors are headed out to hunt. How do I know? They have their falcon with them. It is perfect weather – clear, relatively cool, the heat has definitely broken, it is wonderful to be able to drive without any air conditioning. . . .

I know, I know, there is still this kid in my heart that thinks that going hunting with a FALCON is very very cool.

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Sunrise After Rain, 30 October 2008

It’s a glorious morning. The sky is clear all the way to the horizon, there was huge surf last night, so if you comb the beaches – today is YOUR day. 🙂

Weather Underground: Kuwait says we have a more serious chance of rain in just five days:

Meanwhile – today is a glorious day. I thought I had posted this first thing this morning, LOL, guess not. Have a gr8 day, Q8!

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WordPress Incoming Links

Something is weird with my Incoming Links – most of them aren’t blogs I recognize, and when I check them – they are not linked to me at all. Very weird. I have to guess that WordPress is doing some experimenting in the background, and that they don’t know the bugs unless we all tell them.

My Categories seem to be OK, now. I changed them back one more time, and this time it stuck, but . . . that was weird, too.

On the whole, almost every change WordPress makes, makes my blog run better / faster / smarter. The only thing I hate is when they come up with a new way to upload photos – it may work better, but the agony of having to learn a new process just when I have gotten really good at the current one bugs me! 🙂 I’m just not that flexible with technical things.

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Warning Triangles, Flares, and Traffic Control

There was another accident outside my house last night, and I almost didn’t even call the police, but then . . . I did. I thought “It’s useless to call.” And then I thought “But at lease it’s SOMETHING I can do to help.” I am guessing people would have thought I was crazy if I had gone out and started trying to direct traffic (LOL; isn’t that a funny thought?) This time the polite man on duty took all my information and the police didn’t call back. A road warrior (traffic police) arrived nearly an hour later, but with the slick roads in my area, I can imagine they were very busy, and there didn’t appear to be any injuries to people, only to cars.

What is scary to me is how easy it would be for another car to come plowing into the accident. It’s night, it’s dark, people are in a hurry to get home and they have their route down pat, so they are on automatic pilot. Most of the time, they go past at a fairly fast speed.

Aren’t people required to carry warning triangles and flares here? Even just setting up a warning triangle a hundred feet back would have helped last night. A flare would have gotten attention and slowed traffic. People directing traffic around the accident would have helped. For an hour, those involved in the accident just stood around, so vulnerable. It’s a small thing, but it might help, in Kuwait, where even these very basic precautions are ignored.

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