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Great Kuwait Sand and Surf Challenge: Teagirl

Wooo HOOOOO Teagirl, and her very disciplined, very artistic sand and surf entries, each more beautiful than the last:






What do you think, Kuwait? Soulful? Beautiful? 🙂 YOU have two more weeks to get those Sand and Surf photos in before the voting begins!

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Is There Still a Ban on Mobile Phone Usage While Driving?

Does anyone remember this:


For a while, I think the ban was enforced and I think I saw fewer people on their mobile phones. Now – it’s totally back to the way it was before the “ban.” Or do you see it differently?

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What happened is that two years ago I wrote a post called Halloween Warning and it got a little attention, but this year, people would Google “halloween” and then they would come to this blog entry.

It’s like how can you get all wrapped up in statistics when what happens is so random and unpredictable? On Halloween day, I got 3,172 hits. I’m a very limited blogger, I don’t have the kind of blog that attracts huge numbers – and while that may look like a huge number, it is discouraging when I know that I may never see a figure like that again.

My top all time posts are led by a picture of a birthday cake. I admit, it is a gorgeous cake, I spent a lot of time looking for just the right cake, but . . . my all time high?


There is nothing like blogging to keep you humble, and from taking yourself too seriously. :-/

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Here Comes the WOW

The rain has been so wonderful, days of sweet, soaking rain. And early this morning, I am delighted to see the sun back again. GOOOOOOOOODDDD Morning, Kuwait. 🙂

Early sunrise:

Just a little bit later:

And a happy, sunshine song to lift your day:

The five day forecast is nothing but SWEET:


Have a great day!

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