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The Great Kuwait Sand and Surf Challenge: Onlooker

Onlooker says this is Goa – and while there is sand and surf, he also throws in a sunset for free – is it not gorgeous?


There is so much going on, it is easy to forget that The Great Kuwait Sand and Surf Challenge continues! You have but one week! The challenge closes next Saturday, when all contestants will go up for a ballot on who wins the Sand and Surf challenge.

It is perfect Sand and Surf weather. There is even surf! Go forth and photograph!

Meanwhile – HHOOOOAAAHHHhhhhhhh! Onlooker!

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Kuwait Stock Exchange Closing Poll

This is from today’s Al Watan. I think investors all over the world have confused saving with investing. When you know your family is going to need the money, for something like a vacation, a new washing machine, a car – you save. When you have the luxury of a little extra that you can afford to lose, you invest. Smart investors will investigate the investment carefully. If the market goes down, but the company whose shares you bought is still solvent and strong, you hang on – after all, it you didn’t invest anything you can’t afford to lose, right?

Lawmakers alarmed by bourse closure
Attorney lauds court order, says action was necessary

Ghenwah Jabouri
and agencies

KUWAIT: A number of MPs have criticized a Court of First Instance order to halt trading on the Kuwait Stock Exchange (KSE), saying that the court”s move is “the most dangerous decision” ever taken in relation to Kuwait”s economy and bourse.

They explained that closing the bourse has cemented a lack of confidence and will drive the index down further once trading resumes, while rhetorically asking who would bear the consequences of such an eventuality.

They also stressed the need to benefit from the experiences of other countries to strengthen the Kuwaiti stock market.

The MPs also called on the government to take measures to limit damages resulting from the closure of the KSE.

In an exclusive statement to Al Watan Daily, attorney Labid AlـAbdal said the global financial crisis is finding its effects on many strong markets around the globe and that the situation requires Kuwait and other GCC countries to draw up a serious plan to protect its markets.

“Kuwait should choose safe investments and strengthen its reserves of gold at the Central Bank of Kuwait,” he added.

He stressed that most of Kuwait”s active financial and commercial companies are directly and indirectly linked to the international economy and that they will need well supported banking systems to maintain safe credit transactions and protected debt recovery.

“Given the mentioned circumstances, closing the local stock market in Kuwait is a necessity to prevent further losses by registered companies and to protect the citizens from losing any more assets,” he explained.

Kuwait must select very protective measures, especially after the fall of the oil price and the lack of trust in the international financial system,” AlـAbdal concluded.

Last updated on Friday 14/11/2008

What do you think? Do you think closing the Kuwait exchange prevented further losses, or do you think closing the exchange fed the fear that is feeding the rapid decline? Or do you have another opinion totally?

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First Female Police Class Graduates

Congratulations to the first class of female police academy graduates! I remember when women were first integrated into the US Military, my husband was assigned one of the first female lieutenants in Europe. I remember him saying, a year or two later that many of his best soldiers were women. I expect that that it will take some getting used to in Kuwait – just as it does in any country – and that the country will be the better for it in the long run.

These brave women have had the courage to break a barrier. God bless their work!


Al Watan staff

KUWAIT: The Support Authority at the Ministry of Interior held an open day on Wednesday for the parents of the first group of female cadets who joined the police academy this year. The event was held under the patronage of Undersecretary for Training and Education Brigadier Sheikh Ahmad AlـNawaf AlـSabah.

Brigadier Yusuf AlـMudhika welcomed the parents and sponsors of the event and said that Kuwait is grateful to the Kingdom of Bahrain for “making this dream a reality.” Bahrain has provided Kuwait with muchـneeded expertise in this field as it has already established a police academy for female cadets.

AlـMudhika explained that the new training for women has been designed to conform with Islamic teachings, customs and traditions and that the female cadets have proved to be as efficient and punctual as their male counterparts. He also referred to the curriculum and their daily timetable and said that their uniform has also been carefully selected to suit the cadets and that military accessories are being used to give a professional and disciplinary appearance.

He also mentioned the CCTV cameras within the academy and said that the parents had toured the cadets” dorms and shown satisfaction with their daughters” daily activities and their living quarters.

Last updated on Friday 14/11/2008

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