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Someday(Red) Challenges the Pros! Great Kuwait Sand and Surf Challenge

Just when I thought nothing more was going to happen – Someday(Red) sends in this total WOW and asks if it is appropriate for the Great Kuwait Sand and Surf Challenge.


Appropriate? Readers, what do you think? Remember, in this round, it does not have to be taken in Kuwait (remember the last one it was a CHALLENGE to find a great sunset in Kuwait) but it has to be taken by someone connected in some way to Kuwait. Or living here. Or Kuwaiti. Or someone who lived here and is now away at school. It’s a little looser this time.

As for me, it just totally knocks my socks off. I feel like I am THERE. Someday(Red), where is this taken? I can hear the waves!

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Review Nikon D700

This is just an excerpt from a lengthy and in-depth review at The Blog at of the Nikon D700, a total wow of a camera.


There are plenty of reviews and incredibly detailed spec sheets for the D700 already online, so I’ll just cover a few of the quirks and delights I have found so far. In short, though, the D700 kicks ass. It’s easy to use, and takes an incredible picture, even in the dark.

That Sensor
The headline feature of the D700 is its full-frame sensor, which is the same one you’ll find in the flagship D3. You only get 12 megapixels, but they’re big pixels, and their light-gathering ability is extraordinary. The top ISO available on the D700 is a staggering 25,600, a full eight stops faster than ISO 100.

At that setting, though, the pictures are terrible. Convert them to black and white and they look exactly like they have been through a photocopier. A photocopier that is running out of toner. That said, even this is better than the results that the Canon G9 gives at just ISO 1600.

Drop just one stop, to ISO 12,800, and things are a lot better. The pictures are still noisy but Nikon has tweaked its noise reduction algorithms to mimic film grain, or so it seems. The EXPEED processor has no mercy with color noise, but is a little easier on the luminance noise. What does that mean? It means that the nasty stuff is cleared out, leaving a grainy but pleasing result.

Drop the ISO to 6400, the highest setting with an actual number (Nikon uses names like H0.3 for the more sensitive settings) and you’d never know you were shooting at more than 800. This, combined with a fast lens (a 50mm ƒ1.8, for example) means you can shoot in ambient light, handheld, at night. And coupled with the heavy body, which steadies things, you can handhold to some pretty slow shutter speeds, too. If you were to add a shake-reducing lens into the mix, you’d likely have no trouble with shooting 2001’s monolith in a black hole. At midnight.

Read the rest of the review HERE.

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Man Jumps to Save His Honor

From today’s Arab Times. Rape is despicable, whether committed on man, woman, or child, daughter, sister, son, brother, neighbor, domestic or wife. Despicable. It’s a crime of power, of humiliation, of ownership and it is robbery as well as assault.

Man dies saving ‘honour’
KUWAIT CITY : The Court of Appeals Monday set Nov 19, 2008 to issue a verdict in a case of four Kuwaitis and two Bedoun, who have been convicted of causing the death of a Kuwaiti man after they kidnapped him and tried to rape him.

Case papers indicate on April 20, 2007, five of the six men agreed to kidnap and rape the victim. One of the accused talked to the victim from the Internet chat room and pretended to belong to the third gender.

The man invited the victim to his place to have sex. He went, along with another accused and took the victim in the car of the latter to a flat which was rented by yet another accused for the purpose of prostitution.

When they arrived at the place, one of the accused locked the door of the apartment and others who had been hiding in the apartment showed up. When they tried to rape the victim, he jumped out from the ninth floor window and fell to his death.

On June 18, 2008, the Criminal Court sentenced the first, second, third and fifth suspects to 15 years in jail. The court sentenced the fourth suspect to seven years in jail. The court sentenced the sixth suspect to three years in jail and ordered the deportation of the fifth and sixth suspects after serving the sentence.

The session was presided over by Judge Faisal Khuraibet.

By Moamen Al-Masri
Special to the Arab Times

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Sunrise Sunday, November 16, 2008


Good Morning, Kuwait!

It’s another glorious day in Kuwait, only 57 °F / 14 °C at 0630 in the morning. Ansam, the photo was taken at 0613. It took the sun a while to rise above that thick yellow-brown haze on the horizon. The sky is clear, the tide is waaaaayyyy out, beach combers are out looking for shellfish for tonight’s dinner.

I didn’t sleep well last night. We are planning a big Eid trip, plans have changed several times. At one time they were built around a conference, but, as many companies are doing, the conference was killed as a cost-cutting measure, leaving us to decide whether to travel at our own expense. As I was changing the hotel reservation, it occurred to me that we have been piling up points on a loyalty program, and we’ve never use any of those points.

So just for grins, I checked to see if our points would cover any of the days of our hotel stay. It covered the entire stay – with points left over! Whoda thunk?

I was so excited, our entire hotel stay is covered. Or maybe I drank too much coffee yesterday, I don’t know, but I had a hard time sleeping last night.

The high today is forecast to be 75°F / 24°C.

Have a great day, Kuwait.

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