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December Great Kuwait Holiday Challenge

Yes, I know, we are not even totally finished with the Great Kuwait Sand and Surf Challenge, but the holidays are coming – this year for many of us at the same time, with the big Eid and Christmas both falling in December.

If you are celebrating, be sure to have your cameras with you. This next challenge is more inclusive – The Great Kuwait Holiday Challenge is coming up next!

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  1. […] the rest of this superb post right here Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a […]

    Pingback by December Great Kuwait Holiday Challenge | jdTVu | November 25, 2008 | Reply

  2. Eid + Christmas + New Year + Hijri New Year + Hanukka + what else?

    Comment by Ansam | November 25, 2008 | Reply

  3. Cool. I will try my best to get the best of the holidays. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Comment by MacaholiQ8 | November 25, 2008 | Reply

  4. Kwanza!!!

    Comment by Chirp | November 26, 2008 | Reply

  5. St. Nicholas Day (December 6th)!

    Comment by intlxpatr | November 26, 2008 | Reply

  6. Its 5 in 1 this year ๐Ÿ˜€

    Comment by Amu | November 26, 2008 | Reply

  7. Hope you have a happy Thanksgiving day and share it with family and loved ones IntlXpatr

    Comment by JEWAIRA | November 26, 2008 | Reply

  8. Great. Was too busy for the last challenge… But am taking some time off next week and will hopefully be able to take part.

    Comment by Bu Yousef | November 26, 2008 | Reply

  9. happy thanksgiving : )

    Comment by vixenfatale | November 27, 2008 | Reply

  10. Thank you, thank you. We will be at a massive gathering with people we genuinely love being around. I hope to share photos with you soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Meanwhile – keep YOUR cameras handy!

    Comment by intlxpatr | November 27, 2008 | Reply

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