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When I first arrive back in the United States, I always have to transition slowly. I have no sales-resistance. I usually have a list for Target, supplies I will need immediately while I am traveling; not glamorous things, but things like shampoo and underwear and scotch tape and wrappings, that sort of thing, useful things. We always come out with way more than our list. No resistance.

I won’t even let myself go into the Apple Market until I have been back for a while. When I get to their spices aisle, my heart just starts going pitty-pat:


One entire aisle, entirely devoted to seasonings – and so many things we never see in Kuwait – poppy seeds! File’! A variety of Chili mixes, seasoned shrimp boils . . . It’s all I can do not to buy one of everything.


And the irony? What do I bring back for my friends in the US from Kuwait? Kuwaiti spices – that biriyani mix, pine nuts, saffron, and those little red dried pomegranate seeds. They are always a huge hit – it’s always about what you can’t get your hands on, isn’t it?

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Butterfly Award


“I’m choosing three blogs to pass it on to and asking that they tell us why they started blogging and then pass the love on to three of their favorite blogs.”

I was nominated for the Butterfly Award by Scars and Souvenirs (I always have a problem spelling “souvenirs!”) and of course, right now while I am travelling and my posts are sporadic and erratic and varying in quality, I feel totally unworthy! Scars and Souvenirs is a very intelligent Syrian blog, written by a woman with a lot of insight and interesting thoughts who lives and works in Damascus, one of my favorite places on earth. I am totally honored she would nominate me.

I discovered blogs when I was moving to Kuwait. I was particularly fascinated by two women bloggers, Jewaira and 1001 Nights (another articulate and intelligent blog; she is, unfortunately, no longer blogging.) I started blogging when my comments began to be longer than the original blog entry and I figured it was time. It was very scary for me, and I made a lot of mistakes with the new technology, but persevered.

There are new bloggers showing up all the time. I would like to nominate three that have fresh, original voices, authentic voices, and from whom I learn more about Kuwait:

Kill the Damn Patient
Danderma’s Blog
Confessions of a Love-Struck Flana

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