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Rosette Update

I’ve been making rosettes for over 30 years now; I can’t remember a Christmas I haven’t made them. I’ve gotten pretty good, but yesterday, when I couldn’t find my traditional recipe from my Mother, and I didn’t want to take the time to boot up my laptop to retrieve it, I used one from the very traditional old Joy of Cooking and it totally threw me off.

My FryBaby doesn’t work here; I don’t have a transformer big enough and I don’t want to buy a 220 appliance I only use once a year – for rosettes – so I use a thermometer. Normally, you aim for a temperature around 370° F, but yesterday, maybe the batter was a little thinner, but the normal temperature was too high, and I found the best temperature was around 350 – 360°. All these years, and I’m still learning new tricks. 🙂

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Christmas Ornaments from Here, There and Everywhere

Ten years ago when we put almost our entire life into storage, we had no idea we would be gone this long. We had no idea we would live in four different countries, and that we wouldn’t see our things again for lo, these many years.

Our first contract, I was allowed one thousand pounds. Do you know how little one thousand pounds is? Think clothing, think basic necessities – 1000 lbs. just isn’t very much.

I packed just a very few Christmas ornaments, figuring I could pick things up along the way. Fortunately for us, the next country, after Saudi Arabia, was Germany, the land of Christmas ornaments. Our tree is eclectic. It’s not necessarily a tree with appeal to anyone else; it is a very personal Christmas tree, with lots of memories and stories. Lucky for you, I won’t bore you will all of them. 😉

We are sentimental. When we can, we decorate the tree together, and we remember with each ornament. . . When he was young, our son would get so impatient with us, and our remembering!

Here is the very first ornament our son ever made in school – it is a dreamcatcher; his teacher was very into the American Southwest and American Indian traditions:


We met and married in Heidelberg, so we always have that ornament with us:


My ties to the Pacific Northwest:



AdventureMan’s love of Africa and the Middle East:


Religious symbols:






Beautiful German antique silver walnuts and pinecones:



And memories of places we’ll remember . . .





Whew! I’m tired, too! Think I will go join the Qatteri Cat in a catnap!

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Brrrr. . . . Shiver . . . Cold in Kuwait

When I checked my WeatherUnderground readings for this morning, I laughed when I saw that the weather at 0630 in Kuwait was exactly the same as in Damascus, Syria, and colder than Seattle! Oh you disbelievers! Here is what it looked like:


It is going to be another GORGEOUS day in Kuwait – cold, clear and sunshiny. OK, AdventureMan, you are right . . . it is nice to have sunshine every day. 🙂


As lovely as it is, this weather is very hard on the poor, without adequate protection from the cold. Please, if you are feeling generous, please help out the good people at Operation Hope – Kuwait as they gather gently used shoes, coats and warm bedding to distribute to the poorest of the poor. No matter what you can give (they can always use your monetary donations, too!) every penny will benefit those who need it the most – the very very poor.

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