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Those of you who have read this blog for any amount of time know that I love house stuff. When I am in my own house, I do a lot of my own painting, wall papering, and general fixing. I remember being a kid and wanting a tool box – I like doing things with my hands. I have reupholstered chairs, even a couch (the couch went well, not every project went well, however!) and I am always interested in how things are done – how do you tile a floor, how do you fix a gutter, etc.

When we were in Pensacola, I saw that I need to re-mortar some of the bricks in our yard – we have brick stairs and brick walls, and some of the mortar is beginning to crumble. So I went online, and found a whole bunch of sites, but the site I like the very best is Ask the Builder.

Now, I get a newsletter from him every now and then. There is a lot of stuff I get, ads from stores, people who want me to spend money – stuff that I delete most of the time, unless I have a specific need. But I never delete Ask the Builder. I read the newsletter from top to bottom, and some of the things I copy and save, because while I don’t need them now, I know I will need them later. His advice is down to earth, easy to read and just plain helpful.

You can subscribe to the newsletter by going to the above website. Happy puttering!

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Good Morning, Kuwait!


Good morning, Kuwait, and another gorgeous morning it is!

For a moment, I wondered why I was doing this – all my college students missing Kuwait are back home for the holidays. But – with all that partying, going to diwaniyya, etc. I am guessing most of you missed the sunrise.

It’s considerably warmer. The day is going to be perfect, warm, comfortable – not hot. Not cold, either. Have a great day, Kuwait!


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“Generation of Spoiled Idiots”

I have a dear friend who sends me the most amazing things. This started my day with a howl of laughter:

I am embarrassed to tell you – I remember rotary phones. I even remember party lines, where you had to wait for your neighbor to finish his call before you could make your own, and you never knew who might be listening to your conversation. I remember planes that had large, beautiful lady’s lounges, with a seating area for nursing mothers. I remember when living in Germany was a huge problem to many young people who ran up huge phone bills, calling their families when they were lonely – no internet, no VOIP. I remember transistor radios, and Walkmen! LLLOOOLLLL!

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