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Teacher Orders Students to Strip

From Al Watan. Wonder how much longer this teacher will have a job? What was she thinking???

KUWAIT: Enraged parents of young female students at one of the intermediate schools in Hawally have filed a complaint against an Egyptian teacher, who ordered all the girls in the classroom to strip. A reliable source said: “The Egyptian teacher entered the classroom and asked the students about the source of some foul odor emanating from the classroom. The students however refused to admit or identify the girl who broke a chemical ampoule, so she allegedly ordered all the students to take off their clothes. The students in turn informed their parents about the incident, after which a group of parents filed a complaint against the teacher at the AlـNugra Police Station.”

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Wise Men Still Seek Him

“Oh! You’re putting your Christmas things away!” I noticed, as I was picking up my friend.

“No, no, not until after Epiphany!” she said. “Our tradition is to take down the tree when Epiphany is over.”

Tomorrow, January 6, is The Feast of Holy Epiphany and in celebration, I will post two more works of art I found to celebrate the wise men seeking the child by following a mysterious star. Many people are still looking for a scientific foundation for the Star of Wonder and if you click on the blue Star of Wonder it will take you to a very good discussion of some of the possibilities from BBC News.

I like this one because the Wise Men have on clothing that really looks Persian:


Here, in a painting by Murillo, they look, not surprisingly, Spanish/European, except for the African!


I wonder if in their travels, these wise men came through Kuwait?

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Hala February Starts in January

From Al Watan

KUWAIT: The festival of Hala February for 2009 will be held from Jan. 29 until Feb. 24, said the festival”s high committee Sunday.

The committee”s general coordinator Waleed AlـJassem told the press that the event would coincide with the third year of reign for His Highnes the Amir Sheikh Sabah AlـAhmad AlـSabah, affirming that the festival would focus on highlighting the nationalistic values among citizens.

An opening carnival, which last for three days, would illuminate this year”s celebrations, he revealed.
Head of the committee”s media team Waleed AlـSagobi said that families could enjoy the festival due to the fact that the event coincide with the spring break for schools, affirming that the festival would be supported by a strong media campaign. ـKUNA

Among a whole lot of other things, as part of my job for a non-profit, I once wrote press releases. As I learned the ropes, I also learned that the newspapers will print almost anything you provide them, as long as you have proven your credibility, and the information is “print ready.” One TV station did a weekly news item on articles I would send – it wasn’t rocket science.

I am so sorry to say this, but if you are having an event, it is worth your while to take advantage of this. If you provide news sources with an event schedule, guess what? They will print it! If they print it, people will come.

If you print it in English, even more people will come! Isn’t Kuwait looking for tourism? Is there now a Hala February website, with an event schedule in English? Wouldn’t that have been a perfect opportunity, if not to publish the schedule of events (hey, having the schedule ready one month in advance is not that hard) AND a website to go to for event additions.

I really try not to be critical. I really try not to be sarcastic. Forgive me.

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Sunrise and Forecast

Good morning, Kuwait, it is another gorgeous day. It didn’t get quite so cold last night (couldn’t see my breath as I breathed out, could you?) and there is not a cloud in a sky. Put on your sweaters, go out and take a walk! This is perfect weather! And it will last this entire week!


The sunrise this morning is almost identical to yesterday’s sunrise. Oh Kuwait, go forth and take advantage of this great weather!


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