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Sensitive to the Atmosphere (Sunrise 13 Jan 09)

Good morning, Kuwait, and a great morning it is. I could feel the change in humidity, I have this weird sensitivity to atmospheric pressure. I can feel some changes – like in Florida when a thunderstorm is building, I can feel SO depressed, suicidally depressed for no reason, and as soon as the storm starts storming, it’s gone, just like that.

Yesterday, I had an almost-headache, the atmospheric kind. I got up with it and by noon it was gone. Today – not a thread of pressure left. It’s another great day in Kuwait.

It is, theoretically, cold again, but because of the low himidity, it actually feels warmer than yesterday, when the humidity carried the cold into my bones.


And it is going to get colder, and then jump warmer:


I can’t stay home in this weather. Not a cloud in the sky, good sweater day, great driving day, great day to be outside. Have a great day, Kuwait!


January 13, 2009 - Posted by | ExPat Life, Living Conditions, sunrise series, Weather

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  1. Personally as long as there is a bright sun i’ll be all smiles , but once it gets really cloudy i’ll get depressed !! :/

    Have a nice day to u as well dear 😀

    Comment by ..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::.. | January 13, 2009 | Reply

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