Here There and Everywhere

Expat wanderer

Frequent Traveller

“We’ll be checking in late,” explains AdventureMan, “and we want to be sure you will hold the room for us.”



Pause. (you can hear frantic clicking in the background)

“Sir, what is your name again?”

“AdventureMan! (He actually gives his real name) A – D – V – E – N – T – U – R – E – M – A – N!” He spells it out.



More Pause

“Uh, sir, we can’t find your reservation! When did you make it?”

“The office made it.”




This is not looking good.

“Sir, we do not have a reservation for you. I am so sorry sir!”

“But I am sure the office made a reservation! I have the confirmation number! And, I am one of (your hotel name) SPECIAL CLUB MEMBERS!”

“Uh, yes sir, but this is (a totally different hotel)”

LLLOOOLLL, Adventureman.

“I am SO sorry.” He hangs up. He calls the right hotel, and he is assured they have our room ready for us.

AdventureMan looks at me and we both start giggling.

“I would have hung up,” he begins, but we are both convulsing with laughter.”I would have hung up, but I gave them my NAME!” and we are both dying laughing. He does stay at this other hotel from time to time.

“Next time I call, I will have to identify myself as STUPID-MAN!” he barks, and we are weak and helpless, we are laughing so hard.

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