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La! La! La! (No! No! No!)

Re: Don’t Trash My Kuwait, NBQ found this adorable video from the Keep Kuwait Clean Campaign – looks like maybe 2003? (update: Oops, no, nbq says the ’80s!) Oh! These children are so cute! This song is so good!

Just in time for the trash-filled holidays coming up! La! La! La!

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Walk-a-thon Tomorrow (Saturday)

The weather is PERFECT. There is no excuse – honestly – this is a wonderful activity!


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LOL Catz Funny for Today

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

There is nothing so aggravating . . .

My son was telling me that I Can Has Cheezburger started with a bunch of people who once a week would publish funny cat photos, and they called it “Caturday.” Look at it now – an idea that lives on and on and on. It must be me, but I check it about once a week, and it always makes me laugh.

Recently, in the US, a kid posted a video of himself beating up the family cat. Bloggers were able to track him down, even though he had posted under a bogus name, and report him to the authorities in his home town. The cat (who is fine, by the way) has been taken from the home and is with a vet, looking to rehome him. My son says he is sure that cat will have many many offers. The kid, meanwhile, is meeting with the district attorneys.

Mistreating animals is a classic symptom of a person who will later abuse people. I wonder if there is hope that this young man can be rehabilitated? Who would think torturing a helpless animal is fun???

This is one hodgepodge of a post, isn’t it?

Some days, it just makes me happy to think there is a blogging community with a sense of community and responsibility.

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Friday Sunrise, 20 Feb 2009


Good morning, Kuwait. It looks like it may rain. The clouds obscuring the sun this morning were the kind that if enough of them could get together, we could have some rain. We need it.

Weather Underground: Kuwait tells me it is clear this morning:


It is not clear. It is very cloudy, and there is a haze over the water. It is not clear.

On the other hand, I remember barely a month ago when the temperature right now – 55°F/13°C – was the high expected for the entire day.

Have a great day, Kuwait. 🙂

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