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Mubarakiyya Glimpses and Public Art

Every time I go to Mubarakiyya, I see something I haven’t seen before. We found some scenes in the meat market – see if you can find them.










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Recycle in Kuwait

This just made my heart flutter. Eshda3wa had mentioned I needed to visit Al Ahmadi to see the lights, and she was right. I had so much fun; all of Kuwait should decorate the way Ahmadi decorates – lights everywhere!

But here is what made my heart truly flutter:


Recycle Bins! In Kuwait!

“When they first brought them,” my friend told me, “I thought ‘oh yeah, Kuwait, well maybe it will work for a week or two’ and so we gathered up EVERYTHING in the house and loaded the bins so we could get rid of them, but actually, they have been picking up regularly, right on schedule.”


I have heard there is a new recycle company that will pick up for free. Who are they? How do we contact them?

Update June 2011 – two new options listed in the comments section, companies providing recycle services in Kuwait. 🙂

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Ansam Enters The Great Kuwait National Holiday Challenge

Woo HOOO on you, Ansam! Thank you for some truly fresh perspectives on Kuwait National Day and Liberation Day:

When I first saw this one, I thought it was the roller-coaster ride in that little park by Jarir Bookstore:


I love this one; it is the draped flag in the middle that captures my heart:

True Kuwait Magic – sushi in the shape of the Kuwait Flag:

Just awesome:

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Sunrise March 1, 2009

There it is – barely there. There wasn’t so much haze early this morning, but enough cloud cover to give the sun a serious problem breaking through. The haze seems to be moving in again; I need to run to the co-op quickly before the air becomes too thick. I find myself washing my hair more often, it gets sticky and scratchy and full of silt; it doesn’t stay clean for very long.


The weather was funny yesterday – moments of chill, even in the middle of the day, alternating with moments of heat as the sun broke through. A good transition day from the long fun-filled weekend to back-to-work Sunday.

The forecast for today is clear. It was clear. There is a “light haze” moves continuously closer, off the water, and it looks suspiciously like the dust that has been plaguing us the last couple days.

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