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General Traffic Department: Don’t Call Till You Reach Your Destination

God Bless ’em. GCC Traffic week will start on March 14 and they have chosen for their theme: Don’t Call Until You Reach Your Destination.

From today’s Arab Times:

GTD completes all preparations for GCC Traffic Week

KUWAIT CITY, March 6: The General Traffic Department (GTD) has completed all the necessary preparations for the GCC Traffic Week, which will be hosted by Kuwait on March 14 under the slogan “Don’t call until you reach your destination”, GTD General Manager General Mohmoud Al-Dousari said in a press release recently. Al-Dousari pointed out “mobile phones are vital communications gadgets, considering the additional services such as the Internet and camera, but there are also disadvantages.”

He said using the mobile phone by hand while driving is one of the major causes of road accidents in the country. Drivers might get distracted while talking over the phone, endangering not only their lives but also that of other road users, he added.

Minister of Interior Sheikh Jaber Al-Khalid Al-Sabah had earlier issued a decision banning the use of mobile phone by hand while driving to protect the lives of motorists, which was implemented since last year, said Al-Dousari. The GCC Traffic Week is aimed at conveying a clear message to the public on the dangers of using mobile phones by hand while driving, as well as encourage the use of other technologies like earphones and Bluetooth.

Al-Dousari revealed the department issued 18,773 citations for using mobile phone while driving. He added Kuwait is one of the most developed countries in the world in terms of traffic regulations, but some drivers are disregarding these rules. Al-Dousari warned the GTD will not tolerate those violating the traffic regulations and advised the public to drive safely and strictly comply with the traffic laws.

I admire General Al-Dousari. God bless him; he gallantly fights a battle for traffic safety in Kuwait. No kidding some drivers are disregarding these rules. Some policemen are disregarding these rules. Some policemen aren’t enforcing these rules. I wonder when the majority of those citations were issued? My bet would be that around 18,000 were issued more than six months ago. Until there is enforcement, this is a losing battle.

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Warning from My New Best Friend

It really sounds like she knows me! And she warns me against those nasty Nigerian scammers, so she must be on the up-and-up, right? And oh my, they have a file for me with all that money? Even though I have never worked in Nigeria, never had a contract? And oh yeh, it’s a blind-copy. . . . hmmmm.


My name is Mrs. Susan Walter, I live at 3775 Oleander Dr Highland, Ca 92346,

United States.

I am one of those that executed a contract in Nigeria years ago and they refused
to pay me, I had paid over $70,000USD trying to get my payment all to no avail.

Somebody directed me to travel down to Nigeria with all my contract documents
to meet Barrister Mat Oto who is the member of CONTRACT PAYMENT COMMITTEE and
LEGAL ADVISER to the COMMITTEE, and I contacted him and he explained everythi
ng to me on telephone and advised me to come down to Nigeria which I did.

He said that those contacting us through emails are fake. Then he took me to the
paying bank, which is Central Bank of Nigeria, and I am the happiest woman
on this earth because I have received my contract funds of $8.2Million USD.

On the process of searching for my file,I saw your information on awaiting pay
ment list in the office of Barrister Mat Oto.Though I did not capture all your
information lest your fax number.

Am sorry contacting you late as I planed doing it as soon as I arrive back USA.

I have been so busy because we are trying to set up a factory here with the mo
ney we received.

So if you care,do contact Barrister Mat Oto with the information below and just
explain yourself to him as I know he is honest and humble person.

Alternatively mention my name to him he will attend to you.

Name: Barrister Mat Oto
phone number +234-1-432490123
Address: 123,Palm Avenue Palm Grove,
Lagos Nigeria.

You really have to stop your dealing with those contacting you okay because they will dry you up until you have nothing to eat.

The only money I paid was just $8,200 for Federal Inland Revenue Services

So you have to take note of that. You can reach me on this telefax number:1-20
8-248-3647 or email:


Mrs. Susan Walter

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QC Misses AdventureMan

When AdventureMan goes out the door, the Qatteri Cat doesn’t alway realize he is gone for a few minutes. Then I hear him crying, crying as he runs in to our bed, grabs his teddy-bear-baby and takes it to the door. He cries for a few minutes, and then leaves the baby there.


He is always sad when AdventureMan leaves. He sleeps a lot, just waiting for him to come home. He knows when it is about time. I always know when he is nearby because suddenly Qatteri Cat is on full alert, ears straight up, eyes big – and he jumps down and runs to the door, even before the key is in the lock.

Hurry home, AdventureMan!

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Sunrise Saturday, 7 Mar 09

The sunrise was so beautiful this morning it was almost painful. My windows are still dirty from the multiple attacks by the dust storms, so I was out on the balcony photographing, and it was chill and crisp, and I remembered to appreciate the feeling of “chill” and “crisp” while it is still hanging around.


It may be comfortable and cool in the mornings, but our temperatures are going up fast. March is the month where Kuwait, where things get colder than Doha in the winter, starts getting hotter than Doha.


It is going to be a glorious day. Not a cloud in the sky, other than that yellowish haze low over the gulf that I think is residue from oil refining.

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