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Closed Circuit TV in all Kuwait Schools

From today’s Al Watan:

CCTV cameras to be in place next school year
Staff Writer

KUWAIT: Former Minister of Education and Minister of Higher Education Dr. Nouriya AlـSubaih has confirmed that the ministry is finalizing the installation of CCTV cameras on school campuses and is expected to be fully and completely implemented by the beginning of the next school year.

AlـSubaih”s statement came during a press conference organized by the Teachers Society for its 38th Educational Conference, which was held under the title ”Excellent Training, Future in the Making”.

The minister stressed that all steps are being taken to provide students with a proper and adequate education and that their safety and security are equally prioritized.

She made reference to the recent abuse incidents in local schools and pointed out that contrary to popular belief, school incidents have taken place in the past with the only difference being that they were never reported to police and the press “because they were dealt with and tackled by the school management then.”

She recalled how when she was herself a teacher school problems were dealt with privately and discretely due to the sensitive nature of the problems.

AlـSubaih further pointed out that acquiring the correct specifications and right CCTV cameras to do the job adequately and comprehensively “requires careful consideration to check the right models types, otherwise we would have gone to the local market,” adding that there were some models which the ministry had acquired but due to poor quality was later decided to be dropped.

For his part, Teachers Union Director Ayed AlـSahli said that teachers play an essential role in education and upbringing and that “the idea of training fits perfectly with the requirements of this noble profession to ensure that teachers make the children they teach more useful and productive.

“There is a need for training while teaching and great consideration is being put into the latest training programs with an eye to the future, so that teachers” skills and abilities are enhanced adequately,” he remarked.

Last updated on Tuesday 24/3/2009

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