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Female Police Given Ranks Equal to Men

The Police Academy attracted 16 women with university degrees – HOOOO-AHHH! I imagine these women are going to shake things up a little – in a good way – around police headquarters. Mabruk, mabruk, Kuwait.

Women officers given rank equally to men
Staff Writer – from Al Watan

KUWAIT: An Amiri decree was issued requiring female police officers to be put on equal footing with their male counterparts in terms of rank. Accordingly, Minister of Interior Sheikh Jaber AlـKhaled AlـSabah issued an executive order to rank women police officers according to the same requirements as given to male officers.
The first batch of women police now includes 16 Lieutenants, all of which have university degrees, eight Warrant Officers, all holding technical diplomas, and three Sergeants who have secondary school certificates.

Last updated on Friday 27/3/2009

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“I’m Not Cool Enough to be a Mac Person”

LOL. Found this on the Seattle Time’s Website.

Finally, found it on youTube. This is Microsoft’s swipe against the PC vs Mac commercials, released yesterday.

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Driver – and His Father – Obstruct Police

Don’t you wonder what happens next? Do they ever find out who the people are who are blocking them? I can see the whole thing happening in my mind – blocking the police!!

Driver arrested after obstructing onـduty police
Staff Writer Al Watan

KUWAIT: While police were organizing traffic at the second crossـsection in Jahra, they spotted two juveniles joyـriding nearby. They reported the incident to another police patrol which went to investigate the case. The two cars, upon being flagged down by the police patrol, immediately drove off and a police chase ensued.

The police patrol initially found it difficult to corner them due to wedding party, but as they were closing in a car of a German make impeded them.

Police repeatedly instructed him to clear from the route but the driver persistently blocked them. The officers approached the man to investigate the matter, but he refused to cooperate. Police asked for his identification, but the driver and the passenger, who was the driver”s father, refused to present identification. The two were arrested in place of the joyـriders and taken into police custody.

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Record Traffic Violations Recorded

Cameras capture record traffic violations
Staff Writer – From today’s Al Watan

Wooo HOOOO! Cameras are impartial; they catch the violators, no matter who. I love it.

KUWAIT: The relocation of radar cameras on major roads has led to a sharp increase in the number of violations registered during an entire month. According to security sources; they reported that around 2,000 cars have been photographed by the relocated cameras during last January as compared to 900 cars prior to the relocation.

Earlier on, the Assistant Undersecretary for Traffic Affairs Major General Mahmoud AlـDousari had recommended the relocation of the radar cameras, particularly since motorists had become too familiar with the previous locations. Drivers who have been involved in violations have been contacted through official channels to either pay their fines or get referred to the concerned authorities. It has been gathered that fines have been already collected from 400 errant motorists.

Last updated on Friday 27/3/2009

Here is an extra one for you, General Al-Dousari, one of those special kind of people who travel in the emergency lane while the rest of us obey the rules and crawl along the freeway. I could not resist this particular photo – with the sign right there.


PS – We were not moving. I wasn’t driving when I took the photo. 🙂

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