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56,660 Kuwait Car Accidents: 2008

This is a totally breathtaking statistic. Kuwait just isn’t that big. That is more than one thousand car accidents, every week, in Kuwait.

We had three accidents in front of my house this morning. One included a school bus. Thank God, there were no children on board.

I would love to see a statistical breakdown on age groups, nationality, whether speed was involved, and whether the person was using a mobilephone while driving when the accident occurred.

One of my readers reported she had been in a car accident shortly after her arrival in country. A car going too fast rear-ended them. In almost every country in the world, if someone hits you from behind, they are charged, immediately, with following too closely and inattentive driving. You are supposed to be driving carefully enough to anticipate the car in front of you slowing down. Here, after six months, and several trips to the police station, it was determined that her husband was at fault. Unbelievable.

She adds that thanks be to God, no harm came to the infant traveling in the front seat of the car that hit them, on his mother’s lap, or they would have been liable for that, too. Unbelievable.

56,660 car accidents in 2008 alone
Staff Writer Al Watan

KUWAIT: Head of the Traffic Safety Department Bader AlـMatar has warned that the number of annual traffic accidents is on the rise. An estimated 56,660 car accidents and 410 cases of accident related fatalities occurred in 2008. AlـMatar added that the United Nations reports that car accidents claim more than 1,300,000 fatalities around the world each year, most of whom are young men.


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  1. It is sad that rear end collision fault equals nationality or who has the bigger wasta if two Kuwaitis collide.

    Comment by none | April 2, 2009 | Reply

  2. I am so glad you commented, None. I was feeling all hostile about my friend’s situation, and you reminded me that there is always a bigger fish, it isn’t about nationality, it’s about who’s got the bigger wasta, isn’t it? And it is also a good reminder that Karma bites you in the rear end when you do something unfair to someone else.

    The good news is, I read all the time about police stopping people who say “I am related to the grand pooh-bah! You can’t arrest me!” and guess what – the Police arrest them! Wooo HOOOOO! The bad news is that some of the really bad people get phone calls that are like a get out of jail free card – so what have they learned except that the rules don’t apply to them?

    Change takes time. I think things are changing in Kuwait, and I think more people are holding THEMSELVES accountable, which is very very cool.

    Comment by intlxpatr | April 2, 2009 | Reply

  3. [..] according to the report on Intlxpatr’s blog[..]

    Comment by Mathai | April 7, 2009 | Reply

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