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Australia – the movie

Back last November when we were back visiting family, our daughter-in-law went with her cousins to a late showing of Australia, which got later and later and later. The next day, she said “I had no idea it was such a LONG movie! There were like three endings!”


What we didn’t know – until we watched it last night for ourselves – is how much FUN the movie is. No, it probably won’t ever win any awards for great acting, but it had some hilarious scenes, some touching moments and it had allusions to other great adventure-type movies, including Indiana Jones. We loved watching it, and watched it from beginning to end without taking a break, which is amazing – it really is a LONG film.

Romance, drama, adventure, great scenery -it’s all there.

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Better Late than . . .

This morning’s sunrise, around 5:30 or so, dim and grey but sharp. Not much has changed. The sky is white with haze; you can’t see any blue, but there are also no clouds, it is all opaquely white.


I’m having a busy, and disconnected day. Lots going on. Sorry to shortchange YOU, but it is what it is.

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