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Bu Yousef – World Digital Library

Thank you, Bu Yousef, for your focus and your generosity. Because his blog(s) are special interest – photography, Mangaf, bird-photography – he passed along to me this information on the World Digital Library, which he heard about on BBC during his morning drive. Because my blog is . . . well . . . here, there and everywhere . . . he knew I would love to share this with you.

This is what the World Digital Library looks like when you go there:


Of course, the first thing I had to do was go to the Middle East, where there are all kinds of early maps of the Gulf – and this! Look! The old trading routes through the Sahara!


WARNING! WARNING! You could lose hours of your life on this website!

Speaking of hours of fun, my friends, please go visit Neubronner, Bu Yousef’s new web page about his pigeons, and watch his movie of his pigeon, Charcoal, flying around his neighborhood. He even has a photo of a pigeon with the camera strapped.

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Sunrise on the Sparkling Water

I broke my own rules this morning. The Qatteri Cat started walking around and saying “Miooooow” around first-call-to-prayer time, and AdventureMan, who has a sweet soft heart sometimes gets up to feed him.

“If you get up to feed him,” I scold in my mean-mommy voice, “he learns that if he comes mioooowing at oh-dark-thirty that someone is going to get up and feed him! You have to ignore him!”

AdventureMan just looks at me sadly, that I could be so mean and cruel. He is a lucky man; he can get up, feed the cat and get back to sleep in like zero seconds flat. Once I am awake, I am awake.

So this morning, I ignored QC two or three times as he came in and said he was hungry, and then, around five, I took pity on him and got up to check his bowl, which was empty to the last grain of cat food. (Have you ever noticed how FOUL cat food smells??)

And since I was up anyway, I went to get a cup of coffee and saw – oh, I could see all the way to the horizon! Not a speck of dust, not a speck of haze! And the sun is coming up and there is a sparkle all across the Gulf!


I couldn’t resist the sparkle on the water:


So the Qatteri Cat gets a few extra snuggles today for getting me up to see this wonderful sunrise. It is a sweet morning, and I hope you have a wonderful day. 🙂

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