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Today, as I was getting ready to leave the church services, one of my very special friends hugged me and said farewell, and then said “But of course, I can keep up with you on your blog.”

It was as if time stopped for a second, then started up again.

“My blog? You read my blog? You know?” I stammered, not loudly because there were other people around.

She laughed.

“I figured it out when you described this guy,” she said, punching AdventureMan lightly on the shoulder. “I KNEW it was you.”

When we got into the car, AdventureMan had a big smug grin on his face.

“I almost told her I read your blog quickly first, to see if I’m in it,” he said, “but then I was embarrassed that I am so vain.”


I’ve gotten less careful. It’s becoming less and less relevant as I get closer to leaving.

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