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The Outdoor Cat Channel

This morning I was startled out of a sound sleep by the piteous crying of the Qatteri Cat. Adreneline pumping, I jumped out of bed, calling out “QC! QC! Are you OK?” even though it was only 0430 and AdventureMan was still sleeping.

He didn’t come, just continued crying, a different cry, I was afraid maybe he was hurt.

I ran downstairs, and found him in the small living room, looking out through the curtains at the outdoor cat.

We haven’t seen the outdoor cat for a while. She is looking pretty thin, and very tired, very worn out. I am guessing she is maybe eight or nine months old – and, hmmmm, she looks pregnant, skinny and pregnant and exhausted.

I keep cat food and water on hand for the passing-by outdoor cat, they never stay around long, but I am always good for a handout. I fix her a bowl of food and water, and take it out the door that Qatteri Cat doesn’t know about. The outdoor cat eats ravenously, and then sacks out.


Meanwhile, Qatteri Cat continues to cry, hoping I will let him be an outside cat, too. He watches the outdoor cat, every move she makes. He doesn’t understand the price these poor little kitties pay for living their outdoor life.

July 22, 2009 - Posted by | Doha, ExPat Life, Living Conditions, Pets, Qatteri Cat


  1. Yep…I’m feeding 3 right now. I shot some video of them last night when they showed up for their feeding at sunset. I recognize all these cats as having been on our compound for a while now. Normally, my husband discourages me from feeding them and I don’t…usually. But others on our compound obviously must. As there are only a few of us still on the compound, I figure I just need to keep them going until some of the other residents return. Which I’m happy to do.

    Comment by P. Coristine | July 22, 2009 | Reply

  2. I tried to comment on your blog, or send you an e-mail, but somehow it was all in Arabic and I missed something. Good on ya, keeping these babies happy! They look sleek to me, but sounded hungry (the ones on your blog!) I was amazed they allowed you to touch them – they seem very comfortable with humans. The ones on our compound run from people, and it is probably a good thing. There are gardeners / maintenance people here who might eat them!

    Comment by intlxpatr | July 22, 2009 | Reply

    • I often have the language problem with blogspot myself. It took me a while to find it, but there’s a pull down menu on their initial sign up / sign in page where you can change the language to English.

      As to the cats, well two of them are friendly. The orange tabby is the most friendly and that makes me think it must have been a pet at some point. Hopefully it still is and it’s just nosing around here for free food. One of the other cats will let me pet her, but she can lash out unexpectedly. The third one, with the longish hair that was closest to the door in the video…well, I can’t get near that one. It’s definitely feral. I also occasionally glimpse two other cats that come into the backyard to use my garden as their litter box, but as soon as I open the back door they always take off. If one of my family members wasn’t allergic I’d take them in. But I can’t so the feeding will have to do.

      Comment by P. Coristine | July 22, 2009 | Reply

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