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Attempt to Kidnap Kuwaiti Girl: Print Their Names

From the Arab Times

Here is what scares me about this story – the language. It says “the side glass of the car broke.” That is very neutral language. I am pretty sure that the girl who was the intended victim would not break the glass; it was part of the barrier protecting her from the would-be kidnappers. It bothers me that it doesn’t state that the man broke the car glass attempting to kidnap the girl.

It also bothers me that the language says that they have been “detained for interrogation.” These men are a danger to society. They need to be locked up, for their own good and for the sake of the innocent young women who are their potential victims. There are witnesses, including the police. Enough! Try them, convict them and put them away!

It is also time to start publishing the names of the men who commit these acts. Would you want your daughter to marry such a man? Your cousin? Your sister? Doesn’t a woman have a right to know what sort of man she is marrying? Yes, it would shame the families from which the kidnappers have come. It seems that maybe shame is the only effective tool for deterring this kind of shameful behavior. If the families forbade this kind of behavior, you would see a drastic drop in the crime of kidnapping. Print their names.

Women are not the only victims. These same entitlement-loaded kidnappers seize boys and young me off the streets, sometimes lure their own friends, take them to the desert and rape them. What are they thinking? What makes them think they have that right? What makes them think there will be no consequences for bestial behavior?

Police save Kuwaiti girl from kidnappers’ clutches in Shaab Entertainment Park

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 2: The Hawalli police recently foiled at attempt by two Kuwaitis to kidnap a female compatriot from the parking lot of the Shaab Entertainment Park, reports Al-Shahid daily.
It has been reported as the victim was about to pull out of the parking lot, the youths blocked her way with their car and one of them got down from his vehicle and tried to drag the girl into his vehicle.

At this point the victim strongly resisted and in the confusion the side glass of the car broke. The victim then cried for help and a passing police patrol went to her rescue.

Seeing police the suspects grabbed the victim’s handbag containing her personal documents, cell phone and money and tried to escape but police chased and arrested them.

They have been detained at the Hawally Police Station for interrogation.

Predators prey on those they perceive to be weak and without protection. We, society, are supposed to be protecting the weak. When this man is refused sex, he and his friends try to rape the man, and trash the entire massage parlor?

Kuwaiti Man attempts to rape Jordanian massageur

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 2: An 18-year old Jordanian teenager reported at Jahra Police Station that a Kuwaiti man attempted to rape him while he was massaging the suspect inside a men’s salon — where the complainant works, in the Industrial Area on Thursday.

He narrated the man offered to pay him certain amount of money if he acceded to his demand for immoral act, which the complainant turned down and immediately asked the suspect to leave the salon.

He stressed the suspect later tried to kidnap him, which he resisted, so the suspect fled with his friends, but they destroyed some contents of the salon before fleeing the scene. However, he managed to record the number plate of the suspect’s car, which the detectives found out it belonged to a Kuwaiti man. A case has been registered against the suspect.

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How Does Your ‘Garden’ Grow?

We have shown you the site of the former Garden, now a huge pile of rubble, indistinguishable from the surrounding rubble of many small businesses. We mourned the passing of The Garden, only to learn in this morning’s Peninsula that a new All-Veg Garden will open closer to our own neighborhood. 🙂 I hope the prices are comparable to the former Garden on Karabaa (Old Electricity Street).

The Garden to open restaurant in Najma next month
Web posted at: 10/4/2009 0:56:49
Source ::: The Peninsula

Doha: The vegetarian division of “The Garden” restaurants has been awarded ‘The Best Vegetarian Restaurant” Award for the year 2008-2009. This is the fourth consecutive year that the restaurant wins this award. The award is based on voting by diners.

Yoonus Salim Vappattu, Managing Director of the Garden Group, said yesterday at a press conference that the group will open a pure vegetarian restaurant in Najma next month. The outlet will be located near the American Airlines office.

“We have also identified and fantastic location in Doha Jadeed, to open a first class family non-vegetarian restaurant, which is expected to open by early first quarter of 2010. Till then our restaurant in the Le-Mirage Executive Residence, Musherib, as our non-vegetarian restaurant will remain open. We have planned to open one bigger vegetarian and two more non-vegetarian restaurants in Qatar, said Tomson Jeffery, Senior Operations Manager, The Garden Group.

“We have decided to expand our F&B business with diversified interest in restaurant concepts. Under the leadership our chairman, we have formed one more company called SAW, where we have already signed international brands from Spain, France and Kuwait (for Italian and French outlets, and Spanish coffee shops). As a first step our first outlet with unique concept of Biriyani & Kabab called Buriyani Hut (where Biriyani meets Kebab) will be opening by this year at Wakhra near KFC. Apart from we have identified location in Pearl Qatar, Ezdan Mall and Barwa Mall. We will be announcing shortly our plan to launch the garden outlets in other GCC countries very soon,” he added.

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First Day of School

School is just starting up today in Qatar. Many parents are sending their children only reluctantly; they are afraid of the H1N1 flu. School was already delayed long past its normal opening by Ramadan and the Eid al Adha, but now there are no more excuses.

AdventureMan has called twice, stuck in traffic. What is normally a 45 minute commute to work has gone well over an hour, stuck in the gridlock of bumper to bumper traffic, parents taking children to schools. Although some of the schools have buses, many parents still have to take their children to school, or they have their drivers take the kids to school, or they pay a taxi to take them every day.

This town needs a monorail, a good, well maintained public transportation system that can whiz us all over town and is air-conditioned. It is going to have to be fast and attractive to entice people out of their cars.

Update from today’s Peninsula:

Call for delaying school reopening
Web posted at: 10/4/2009 0:52:57
Source ::: The Peninsula

DOHA: A vast majority (78 percent) of respondents to a survey conducted by Al Sharq on the schools reopening today say they favour the move to be further put off for a week. Only 20 percent of the interviewees said they saw no need for any further delay in re-opening the schools, while two percent said they were undecided.

The daily referred the findings to educationists and some of them also agreed the schools should have been given more time to prepare themselves to deal effectively with a possible spread of swine flu.

A delay in school reopening by another week would have given some time to parents too, many of whom have returned from long overseas vacations. Said Dr Khalid Al Hindawi, an educationist: “I was in favour of delaying the school reopening by another week as that would have given the schools more time to take effective measures to prevent a possible spread of the H1N1 virus”.

But Amina Al Jaber, a Qatar University professor, said she did not agree with this view since any further delay in reopening the schools would curtail the academic year and hamper studies.

The schools had already taken effective measures to deal with the situation, so there was no need for keeping them closed to students. Khalifa Al Kuwari said he preferred a further delay as school buildings needed some modifications, especially the doors of the classrooms are too narrow so they should have been widened.

There really is little protection against any flu. The flu shots may help some, Tamiflu may help with the symptoms, but viruses mutate. Anyone who has ever worked in a school knows that colds and flu are just a part of life, and it may be a good thing to help us all gain immunity against more bugs.

What I really don’t understand is the low value placed on education by so many parents in this area. For example, many parents place little value on getting kids into their classes on time. Teachers complain that the kids don’t do their homework, and get little personal attention and encouragement from their parents to complete it, and then the parents come in and yell at the teachers for not teaching when the child gets a low grade because the homework has not been completed.

Children are kept out of school for any excuse, like “I needed her at home to watch the smaller children” or “he didn’t want to come to school.” Few children get enough sleep at night, and are consequently drowsy in the classroom. Last and not least, few of the children are instructed on classroom behavior, and when the teacher tries to instruct – and enforce – mutual respect and polite conduct, once again an angry parent shows up on the doorstep asking how he/she dare to discipline this child?

The teachers here are truly heroes.

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